Sunday, July 5, 2009


I just got the Danish ex-rental VHS of SERPENT WARRIORS! I’ve been looking for this for a long time, and once again, my knight in shining armour came to the rescue. Thanks Jack.

This movie is actually two movies in one – It uses a lot of footage from CALAMITY OF SNAKES (another Hong Kong nasty), and it actually uses the same plot just to fill in the “stolen” footage.

CALAMITY OF SNAKES plot: "A luxury apartment complex is being constructed; unfortunately the team discovers a huge nest of hundreds of snakes on the site. The boss refuses to delay the construction just because of the snakes and orders them all to be exterminated despite being warned by his wife and her nightmares of the situation. Not all the snakes end up getting killed and the survivors seek revenge on the construction workers. It isn't long before a giant boa leads the rest of the thousands of snakes inside the building to kill all the new inhabitants."

SERPENT WARRIORS plot: "A zoologist is called to a construction site that has been plagued by snakes. He finds out that the place once was the ancient headquarters of a snake-worshiping cult and that the same cult placed a curse on the grounds. Soon the zoologist and the workers find themselves under attack by hundreds of deadly snakes. "

But I bet it still will be nasty Hong Kong fun! I believe real snakes are killed in the movie, which I hate. It pissed me off when I saw THE KILLER SNAKES. But I don’t support the director or the company by buying an old ex-rental VHS. So it’s ok.


Jack J said...

My pleasure. I thought it would be a tape you might be on the look-out for. And also, I knew that guy isn't a collector as such and I really didn't want him to just throw it away or sell it to some schmuck who doesn't know what it is! This tape is very rare so it deserved to be bought by a real collector.

Hmm, the funny thing is I'm in Denmark and you're in Norway, and when I bought my copy I got it from someone (Dag-Johnny) in Norway. And now that you're buying a copy you're getting it from someone in Denmark. LOL.

Patrick B said...

I truly appreciate it, buddy :)

I made a bid for a greek VHS of SERPENT WARRIORS - But I'm glad I didn't get it, because I think most Danish tapes looks better then greek. Not that I remember the exact difference on this movie, hehe. I'm just rambling - didn't sleep much tonight.

Haha. That's psychedelic.

You'll be glad to know that I'll be reading your Turkey Shoot booklet at work today. Why I have a DVD with me at work at a monday morning is a long story. So I won't go into it. Ramblin'

Jack J said...

Besides, you might have had a problem with the Greek video as some of the dialogue (from Calamity) is in Cantonese and the Greek subs might cover the English subs.

"Turkey Shoot" booklet at work. That's the spirit!

Patrick B said...


It's a good thing then.

Yeah. But I don't have time to read it, too much going on at work.

This message took me 40 min.

Fred said...

Do you guys know anything about Thunder of Gigantic Serpent?

I reviewed it here:

One part of the movie is obvious a gigant monster-movie, and it looks cool. But do you know anything about the original movie? I Godfrey Ho just did bought some footage and used it for his own masterpiece :)

Jack J said...

Desværre ikke.

Patrick B said...

Sorry, Fred. Hadn't even heard about the movie until you posted that comment. But seems like a fun movie. Hehe.

havok5 said...

i'm looking for a copy of this movie. any ideas? thanks. bruce

markdtiller said...

Also looking for a copy.