Thursday, July 30, 2009

I will never go to any other cinema ever again!

I'm gonna tell you all a little story, about my best movie experience ever, not because of the movie, but because of the cinema we went to.

About two months ago, me and my girlfriend went on vacation to Prague. We love taking vacations in cities - We're not really people who lay on the beach! How the hell is that vacation? Nah, vacation is walking around seeing things and shopping until your feet bleed! Anyways, in Prague there is a very special cinema, and we had to go, of course. But my girlfriend had already been to Prague and experienced it, and the only movie we could see wasn't really a movie she wanted to see, but she wanted me to experience it - she knows movies is my life. We went to see Terminator: Salvation. Not the movie I was looking most forward to in 2009, but it was either Terminator or Hannah Montana :/

ANYWAY, the cinema I'm talking about is GOLD CLASS - It's an average size theatre with about 20 seats, and there are two seats with a table between, so you have a whole row for yourself. They serve you food and beer during the movie!! Fucking beer at the cinema! I almost cried when they brought my beer. So you order food, nacho's, beer, soda and water before the movie starts, and when the movie starts they start making it for you - About 10-15 minutes into the movie they bring you everything. But they don't bother you, because in front of your seats there is a little row they can walk on so that they are lower then you. The seats are huge! They are seriously huge! They are also electric, so you can lift your feet and lean back.

I'm gonna tell you what we ordered and let you know that this place isn't only amazing, it's heaven:

We ordered:
3 Beers (me)
2 Sandwiches
1 Nacho
3 bottled waters (My girlfriend)

All of that plus the tickets came to $50!! We did some calculating and figured it would have cost us at least $200 here in Norway.

No people screaming or talking, not any candy rappers making fucking noise, just you, the screen, your seat and most importantly - your beer!!

There is also two Gold Class cinema's in the United States. But that's it!

Haha - Cheesy picture, but this is it - Not exactly like in Prague (Prague is actually 10 times better), but the same principle:


Lars said...

Smooth, we have something similar at our local cinema (a few minutes walk from home), we've yet to go because A: it's always sold out and B: still waiting for a "worthy" movie. It's even called Gold Class here too, I wonder if it's like an.. international thing ?

Patrick B said...

I think they are building two more of 'em in the states. But I've never heard of anyone else. Would love to have one here in Norway, but it would cost shitloads!

Ninja Dixon said...

There was a similar cinema i Bangkok. They served drinks, you say in luxury chairs and it was around 15-20 seats in the cinema. Great. Wish there was something like that in Sweden...

Patrick B said...

Hm, cool! Apparently I didn't do enough research! Haha.