Sunday, July 5, 2009

THE BEASTS trailer

Everyone has probably seen this trailer over at En Lejemorder Ser Tilbake, but I'll post it anyway, because this trailer is a beast (Oh, man. That was bad).

Apparently the trailer alone for this movie is rare!

Here's what Lyle U. said about the matter:

''I have my doubts about that being the original, Hong Kong theatrical trailer for THE BEASTS though. It feels like a re-edit of the trailer. Voice overs in Hong Kong trailers are relatively rare. Also, it's incredibly short. Most Hong Kong trailers from that era (late seventies/early eighties) ran around three minutes.

THE BEASTS is one of those proverbial, "red-headed stepchild(ren)" of Hong Kong cinema. It has never received a decent video release in Hong Kong (an out-of-print VCD, a sloppy laserdisc and a bare bones port over to a budget DVD) and just being able to see any kind of a trailer (original or repurposed - which I think this particular trailer may have been: a repurposed trailer for home video) is awesome.''

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