Sunday, July 5, 2009

My journey to find the Holy Grail - GHOST OF GUTS EATER

09/05/09 – My first day of searching.

My search for the Holy Grail has begun. And my Holy Grail is the rare movie GHOST OF GUTS EATER. Yes, this is a movie in the ''flying head with intestines dangling underneath'' genre. This is one of about twenty five movies in the genre, and not many of them are out on DVD. Most of them are out on VHS and VCD. And GHOST OF GUTS EATER, as I know, was only ever released on a Swedish rental tape. So, to get this movie I’ll have to get a Swedish ex-rental VHS! I live in Norway, so I’m not far away! But it’s still hard to find. Even people in Sweden have to announce this on the want ads on Swedish Ebay. So how lucky am I going to be in my search for this movie?

Today I kept searching for the rare Swedish and very pink ex-rental VHS of GHOST OF GUTS EATER. I searched all through the web, just to find all the forums and blogs I’m registered at and follow, so nothing new on that front. But I almost had a heart attack today – I was searching to the web, when suddenly an Ebay link popped up when I was searching for GHOST OF GUTS EATER – “Holy shit! Have I found it? Already?” – No I hadn’t! It was the wanted lists on Ebay. There seems there also is two other people who are very interested in this tape as well. One of the guys even stated that he would give anything the seller asked for, no matter what. Which can be a dumb thing to do – What if the seller doesn’t know the rareness or the high value of the movie? What if the seller just wants to get rid of what he thinks seems like a piece of shit VHS? Ramble ramble ramble.

Well, I’m keeping a low profile until I find it. If the seller knows his shit I’ll pay the cost and be happy, and if the seller doesn’t know shit I’ll be a lucky bastard.

I’ve asked somewhat around here in Norway if someone has it. I haven’t got any response yet, but I’ll probably get some answers soon, but I’m not hoping to much since I’ve just started my search for a very rare tape.

10/05/09 – Second day of searching
Today I woke up and went straight to the computer to do some research. I haven’t received any mails yet. I’m also trying to locate some old rental places here in Norway. I know that there still are some around, but they don’t have a web page – Because they now only have DVD, and so you have to ask if they have some left in the basement that they might be interested in selling. I went to a Videonova (Video rental shops in Norway) about 3 years ago, and they where having a sale of old VHS’s in the basement, but it was just shit, nothing good.

And the thing that irritates me most is that I almost only get links for VHS to DVD transfer and that sort of stuff when searching for old rental shops that have VHS.

My parents knew a guy once who had a video rental shop, and when he was closing the business he gave a bunch of tapes to my parents. But it was tapes like Smokey and the bandit, and that sort of movies. I’ll give it a try, but what is the possibility that this guy has GHOST OF GUTS EATER. Or that my parents have it! Haha, should I even be that lucky! I sent yet two emails to small video shops in Norway that still have some VHS left. I think I need breakfast now, so I’ll continue later.

I called my mother and asked about the guy my parents knew who owned a video rental shop. He’s dead! And I didn’t remember this, but he was my dad’s uncle. My mother told me that he died many years ago, but he sold the shop long before he died. So his ex-wife didn’t keep any tapes. My mother actually worked there for a few weeks when she was a teenager. And apparently my dad’s uncle was drunk at work all the time. Hehe. I really doubt that he had the tape anyway, since it was a small store in a small town in Norway in the 70-80’s. People in Norway haven’t even heard about this town! Haha.

11/05/09 – A helping hand

Paul Cooke was very excited to hear what movie I was talking about after I posted my secretive ''My Journey to find the Holy Grail'' post. So I sent him a PM over at Avmaniacs, and he said he would check it out for me, and see what he could find. Which is very kind of him, most movie collectors wouldn't do that, I know I wouldn't. Hehe. But now I owe Paul one, even if he doesn't find anything.

Thanks, Paul.

I haven't heard from the people I have contacted here in Norway yet. I'm checking my mail every hour.
I'm really thinking about asking Jack J if he can make a DVD-r for me out of the DVD-r copy he has. Which he got from the only guy I ever heard had the original Swedish VHS, which he still has. Man, I want it!!

But I'll search some more - After all, owning the Swedish ex-rental would be better then a DVD-r disc. But the whole purpose of getting the tape in the first place is to watch the movie! So why not settle for a DVD-r? It's just not the same. I'll hang in there some more - I haven't received any messages yet, so I might be lucky.

14/05/09 – No results

There hasn't been much progress. I have yet to receive answers to the mails I sent two stores in Norway that still sell VHS. So I'm nowhere closer to getting GHOST OF GUTS EATER. I'd love to have it up on my shelf, glowing pink and proud!!

Haven't heard anything from Paul either. I'm excited, but I'm not going to bug him. He'll take the time. The fact that he is even doing it is incredible. Most people wouldn't have done that. So yet another thank you, Paul! It really depends on how much this can become a ''Diary''/journal with such little progress, but hey, I only started searching for one of the rarest tapes I know, about 5 days ago.

04/07/09 – Giving up… for now.

The search has been immense, and I've looked everywhere. The hunt will never end, but I'll calm it a bit down and I'll suck it up and ask Jack J if he can make me a DVDr.

Since my last entry in my Holy Grail diary I have been trying to look for one of the rental places in Sweden that carried the VHS, but with no luck. Couldn’t find the address, nor the shop. The shop probably hasn’t been in business for many years.

Jack was more then happy to make me a copy. And now I can finally see the movie! This is the purpose! I hope Jack doesn't make me do unpleasant things as payment for the DVDr.

And old art school buddy of mine made a DVD cover for GHOST OF GUTS EATER. So I'll get an empty DVD case and use this for the DVDr I'll be getting from Jack J.


Jack J said...

Great diary run down of your hunt. And good thing you didn't ask me for help. I'll grab it for myself if I get the chance. :D

Nice cover he did, your friend. At first I didn't even realise he used another front picture.

Jack J said...

Hmm, or did he just change and improve the old one? I'm not sure cos there's a Thai VCD with a similar picture.

Patrick B said...

Thank you.

I would never ask you for help when it comes to movies you don't have, just the once I know you have. Hehe.

He used the poster art. It was posted at a Thai movie forum, but I couldn't find it when I searched for it now :/

That is also where he got the Thai writing, that he used at the bottom of the cover.

I was gonna link to his web site, but it seems like it's gone.

So if you read this, Magnus, please give me a link!

Lars Jacobsson said...

Hehe, maybe I should contact the guy who'd pay anything I ask for, no matter what!

Jack J said...

Or ALTERNATIVELY... just as a suggestion... you could give it to someone for free who would really appreciate it. Hmm, now who could that be. Hmmm...


Lars Jacobsson said...

Jack: Videohunter?

Seriously though, it's one of my favorite tapes and I wouldn't sell it unless someone offered me SILLY money. It's such a bizarre film and bizarre release and I don't know any other swedish collector who has it (I bet there are a few more that have survived though, there always is).
I traded it for a pretty common Laura Gemser tape without labels many, many moons ago. It's usually the trades you regret that you remember, but this is one of the exceptions... :-)

Patrick B said...

''Or ALTERNATIVELY... just as a suggestion... you could give it to someone for free who would really appreciate it. Hmm, now who could that be. Hmmm...''

Me? me me me!

Lars Jacobsson said...

Patrick: Yeah, I was thinking of you for a while but then I realised there's this poor guy who calls himself gialloboy online who needs to boost up his humble collection with some raritys. He's not into asian trash, I know, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Patrick B said...


If the thought is aimed at me, then yes. Hehe :P

Gialloboy has some pretty rare stuff, doesn't he?

Jack J said...

Yes he does, Patrick, but maybe he doesn't "need" this one. ;-)

"The thought that counts", haha. I hope you're being sarcastic, Lars.

I fully understand you (or anybody) in the seller's chair who want to get the best price for something. And you Lars, you're a real fan of psychotronic and weird films. But the non-fan collector who just wants to be able to show off a rare collection and his big wallet (i.e. his big dick); that's what annoys me.

If I never get your tape then fine, I can live with that, but I sincerely hope you'll sell it to someone who'll appreciate it because of what it is film wise and not just as something they can put in a bank vault.

Why do you think certain collectors can follow the trace of rare Japanese tapes from collector to collector? Why do those tapes keep changing hands? Because those collectors aren't really interested in the films, but mostly the status they get when they optain something uber-rare and for a moment can show off these films. It's the novelty of the tape for 5 minutes! Are all these collectors really interested in a weird movie like Zuma? I highly doubt it.

It annoys me when some collectors buy up stuff like this one only to spice up their collection with something very very rare and thus they prevent someone who is really a FAN of getting it.

If they're real fans then fine but if someone (whose interest lies in films that are in a completely different area) buys this just because they've got their ass full of money then... ANNOYING!!!

Then it's got nothing to do with being a fan or film aficionado or anything.

If I have a rare film that I don't care about then I don't mind selling it to someone who is a real fan of that movie. I'd rather that he gets it and is happy with it than it sits on my shelf and collects dust.

That's why you got HELGA (which is uber-rare but which I had no interest in) and that's why Diabolik got one of my Italian crime films FOR FREE even tho I knew I could have got loads for it from someone else (and apparently "someone" keeps nagging Diabolik to sell it for a huge amount but Diabolik just keeps saying no because it was a gift and he is genuinely interested in these films).

And THAT'S how it's supposed to be according to my book. The other thing is just showing off your big wallet.

End of long sour rant from old punk-guy. Haha.

Patrick B said...

Halleluja to the Old Danish punk-guy from the young bearded Norwegian drunk!

Since you mentioned it: I'm gonna watch Zuma tonight. It'll be me, a six-pack and my Japanese tape of Zuma!

Lars Jacobsson said...

I agree fully with your rant, Jack - stamp collecting have never interested me and I don't really get people who collect films based on rarity... I mean, c'mon, shouldn't we be fans in first hand and collectors second? But hey, each to his own I guess...

Of course I was being sarcastic with the gialloboy line, goddamnit Jack, do I need to spell it out!? ;-)

Jack J said...

Yeah but at least I DID recognise it as being sarcastic. That drunk Norwegian didn't see thru it at all, haha.

Patrick B said...

Hehe. Of course I did.

''I don't really get people who collect films based on rarity... I mean, c'mon, shouldn't we be fans in first hand and collectors second?''

Agreed! I'll be happy if I can just see one of the movies that are impossible to find on DVD or VHS.

Jack J said...

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