Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pengabdi Setan - Good movie, good beer, shitty version

A good evening is a wonderful and crazy Asian movie and some beer - I had that going for me tonight, only that the version I saw of this wonderful movie was bad! And I mean BAD! I'm not even gonna mention the ratio and picture quality of the version - My god!

But the movie was entertaining and the beer was good, as always.

Now, after some rambling, I'll get to the matter of the post:

Some months ago I wrote a rambling post, wondering why people where bidding on the Japanese VHS tape - which doesn't have subtitles - when there was a version of it featured on a DVD box set - Well, I totally understand now! I want the Japanese VHS now! I saw the Advantage Collection: Eastern Horror version, and it was shit! Totally and utter shit!
Congrats to who ever won the auction of the Japanese VHS a few months ago on Ebay. The tape went for $162.
[Click on picture for large size] (Cover comes courtesy of Jack J)

I found the whole movie on Youtube, and I think it's from the Japanese VHS, so that means no English subtitles, but I would advise you to watch the version that's on Youtube, rather then the Eastern Horror DVD release.

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