Friday, July 17, 2009

Seeding of a Ghost - Nasty 80's Hong Kong

I saw Seeding of a Ghost the other day, after owning it for maybe 2 years - Why Seeding of a Ghost was one of the movies that went into the ''Won't-watch-for-many-years-pile'' I will never know! What an fantastic atmosphere!

So far, it's been one of the best Nasty 80's Hong Kong movies I've seen - and the hunt still continuous. Hopefully for me most of the ones I’m getting are on DVD, but the once I want the most are only available on VHS, only Japanese, that I know of, and they don’t have subtitles - But who needs subtitles with the fantastic imagery that Asian movies provide.

Now a days it’s fairly easy to get some good nasty Hong Kong on legit DVD, but some of the movies that seems like the best are on rare VHS or Asian DVDs without subtitles.

Anyways - The reason for this post was to show you this poster:

It's the Thai poster of Seeding of a Ghost

[Click on picture for large size]


Jack J said...
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Jack J said...

SEEDING OF A GHOST is one of my all time favourites! I used to swap tapes back in the 90s and that way I got hold of the film for the first time. Then a couple of years back I bought a DVD bootleg of it (off a video tape) and finally I rushed out and bought the HK dvd when it came out!!

I'm sure you already know it was supposed to be the second sequel to BLACK MAGIC? Well, it was but I believe due to the level of gore and nastiness in the film Shaw Brothers decided to disconnect it to the series.

Oh, and I have that Thai poster. Obviously. XD

Patrick B said...

Yes, I do know. But since I didn't add it to my little post, the readers now know! Hehe.

I was gonna buy it after I saw it, but the ebay shop that had all those sweet Thai posters was suddenly gone. They had 3 Seeding posters. They just vanished :/

Jack J said...

Well, they're back:

Jack J said...

Black Magic from the same seller (I have that one too):

Patrick B said...

I saw it, but thanks :)

This might shock you, but I didn't like Black Magic that much :O