Monday, July 20, 2009

Maurizio Merli - The Fist

When Maurizio Merli hits, you feel it!

Maurizio Merli ''began'' his acting career, thanks to Franco Nero, the piercing blue eyes made them look very similar, and he landed a role in director Tonino Ricci's unofficial sequel to Lucio Fulci's WHITE FANG - Zanna Bianca alla Riscossa (White Fang to the Rescue)
But you can't give all the credit to Franco Nero - Maurizio Merli is in fact a great and charismatic actor - he is a good looking man!

He is best known for his Euro-Crime flicks, which had a sudden stop at the beginning of the 80's, after that, there weren't much Maurizio Merli was involved in.

Merli died of an heart attack in 1989, while playing a tennis match with a friend - His daughter was also a witness to the heart attack. Even tough help arrived fast, they where not able to help him.

The actual purpose of this post was:

Maurizio Merli hits like a motherfucker! My jaw gets sore every time I watch one of his movies! He must have beat those guys for real. Truly one of the greatest actors of Euro-crime cinema.


Paul Cooke aka Buckaroobanzai said...

Maurizio Merli was King Of Cool in those Seventies Crime flicks for sure. Some of his very best were directed by the equally Cool Stelvio Massi.
Merli also starred in one of the last Great spaghetti westerns Mannaja aka A Man Called Blade. There are still quite a few of his movies I have to watch amongst the VHS collection gathering against my walls. You just know that when one hits the video player though it's going to hit the right spot :) .

Patrick B said...

I have Mannaja, but I haven't seen it yet. The idea of seeing Merli in a spaghetti western is almost too much! Hehe. King of Cool! Yeah! Hehe.

Yeah, hit you right on the face!

Jared said...

MANNAJA is just too fucking cool. The soundtrack, abhored by many, is one of my favorites.
Why aren't more Merli movies out on DVD? In fact why aren't more Eurocrime movies in general out on DVD? That's the real crime.

Patrick B said...

That is a question I've asked myself many times Jared.

I'm hoping that Mya are releasing some nice Eurocrime in the future.