Thursday, July 23, 2009


I had been planning to be the first to get this on youtube - I was actually going to start the process today! I went to work this morning and I was excited to see if there was anything new in the world of Jack, and what did I find? THE RAPE AFTER trailer! It appears that Peter from Cinehound got this on youtube yesterday. And now he is basking in the glory. I wanted that glory! But you beat me to it Peter. Hehe.

Here it is - the very rare trailer for the nasty 80s masterpiece from Hong Kong:


Jack J said...

The reason he uploaded the trailer now is that he's SELLING his HK tape!! Can you believe that!!!

Peter, if you read this; in the words of Kojak: "Baby, you're fucking insane!!!" LOL.

Patrick B said...

That's just wrong Peter!

Thank you for the trailer, but damn, that's just wrong.

I hope you are selling ut because you heard that Mondo Macabro are releasing an Uncut DVD with English Subs! Not that they are, but that would be awesome!

Jack J said...

At least it makes for one happy dude in Malmø!
Yep, Lars Jacobsson is the lucky sonofabitch!!! (and congrats to Lars of course).

Patrick B said...

Yes, congrats to Lars. How much did it cost him?

Jack J said...

I have no idea but I would suspect it was probably a swap.

Anonymous said...

yes I didn't sell it, would have never done that, but I'm always in for a trade and it wasn't essential to my collection.

Before Jack went uber-enthusiastic about this tape I got no love for it from anyone btw. everybody pays big bucks for the Japanese tape (that seems to be on eBay every two months or so!?!? :)) and they don't want cut 4:3 tapes it seems...


Jack J said...

Hi Peter,
I think the problem is we don't all read all the threads on Cinehound all the time. That's why I didn't even notice you had the tape and probably also why some other hc collectors and fans of HK horror didn't discover it. Trust me, there is A LOT OF LOVE for that tape!!

But having said that, I respect that you let it go. To each their own. What is valuable to one person is of no importance to someone else and you obviously wanted something else instead. And that's cool. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Patrick B said...

Hey Peter. Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog :)

And I just have to agree with everything Jack said. Hehe