Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wolf Devil Woman

About 4 months ago I saw a movie called WOLF DEVIL WOMAN, and if you read this post, you can see how Insane the ride was!

And yesterday I actually got the Ocean Shores VHS - Rare? Oh yes!

I actually got it off Amazon (Thanks for the link, Jack J) - Which I've never been a member of, but when I saw this tape I rushed to it! There was actually two tapes on Amazon. Which is rare, I think, because I got laughed at when I asked a Danish fella to inform me the next time he finds one (read my previous post, linked at the top). The second tape is still there, but it's $150 - I got mine for $44. BUT, if the $150 tape was the only one there, I would buy it. Don't miss the opportunity to see this movie.

Here is a better scan of the tape:

[Click on pictures for large size]


Jack J said...

You forgot to mention that the Danish feller who laughed at you was also the one to find the tape for you! You drittsækk! Haha.

Anyway, congrats with the tape. That film has been one of my absolute favorites for such a long time. It's just HK cinema at its most insane and wild. :D

Patrick B said...

I wasn't shure if I was going to because of your deal with another fella. But then I'll edit :)

Thank you. It's also one of my absolute favorites! It's crazy! Everyone should see this

Jack J said...

Haha, no need to change anything.
Btw, there were two copies so you would both have got one. It was just a matter of who would get the cheaper one and as it turned out Miltos didn't want it after all as he says he's already found one.

Patrick B said...

We're all winners then! Hehe.

Jack J said...

Apparently not as big a winner as Kurt (Member-X) from Cinehound!!!

He just wrote and told me that he got interested in the film after having read our posts on the blogs and just like me he found the Amazone tapes, and then he made an eBay search and found it for... 15 dollars!!! Nobody else made a bid for it!!!!!

Patrick B said...

Haha. Lucky bastard!

But I thought this tape was very very rare, and in the last days it's been popping up everywhere. Just like The Rape After. But that's mostly spiral.

Jack J said...

Don't put anything into it. This IS INDEED A RARE TAPE!!! I have never come across the tape before Lars Jacobsson offered me his. And I have known aboutthis film since the 90s.

Patrick B said...

Just what I thought! Lars Jacobsson must have a lot of ultra rare tapes!