Thursday, October 22, 2009


Some more weirdness from Mondo Macabro? BRING IT!!

Mondo Macabro are set to release THE SADIST WITH RED TEETH! Finally!

The movie (from what I've heard) is very surreal and plays with many of the vampire myths. I can't say that I'm always in the mood for surreal cinema. But you can't go wrong with this one. Just look at it. LOOK!!

''Daniel gets out of the hospital where he has been cured for "vampirical obsessions". But his life takes a weird turn as he transforms into a vampire and starts to kill women. Despite his young fiancee's support, Daniel's fate is definitely doomed.''

Fairly simple plot, but I think this is going to be great. And the release seems very good:

''Making this even more mouth-watering is that it will be a double feature! Van Belle's mondoesque (and even more rare) FORBIDDEN PARIS is also included! That's just too much obscure Euro-ecstasy for us to handle! Also to be included in the package will be a new documentary about Mr. Van Belle as well video introductions to the two films by the director.''

Jared - Worldweird Cinema


Ninja Dixon said...

Mondo Macabro always bring something interesting to dvd. Of course I will own this sooner or later :)

Patrick B said...

I'm thinking about buying a huge pile of Mondo DVD's soon. I think I will, at one point, own every Mondo release.