Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Thaw

Now, don't freak out! I know this is a modern horror movie and I don't talk much about them, and this doesn't seem like the perfect modern horror movie, but it has a good concept: PARASITES!

Parasites are the masters of the universe. They are truly unique and just fucking awesome. Parasites have been the talk when me and my friends have gathered lately. What's so special about parasites? Parasites can: rewrite DNA; rewire the brain; genetically engineer viruses as weapons; and turn healthy hosts into the living dead. Parasites are also the reason why people in the South (America) are so pale and lazy (Rednecks, Hillbilles, whatever you wanna call 'em). It's true! Check it up.

The Thaw isn't a great horror movie, it's average. But if you think parasites are interesting, then check out The Thaw.

Remember, I don't write reviews, so check this one instead.


Jack J said...

There is nothing wrong with new horror movies. Only if they're bad! (obviously!). I detest this notion (especially among old-skool horror fans in Denmark) that everything new is the Devil's work and everything in the good old days was much better. There was crappy shit movies and great awesome movies in the old days and there's crappy shit movies and great awesome movies nowadays. End of story! (and why do I always feel a rage coming over me when I visit your blog!!!).

Patrick B said...

Haha. I agree, but I also stick to what I said. I just love the vibe of older movies better. Calm down mister Jack. I ain't hate'n on all new horror. I just don't get the vibe on most of 'em. Let's put it this way: I actually like the Last House on the Left remake. I thought it was very good. blah blah blah,. I'm tired. :)

Have ya turned into a zombie?

Jack J said...

I was having an off day.