Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The She-Beast

Based on this synopsis:

A small town in 18th century Transylvania is being terrorized by an evil witch. When a child is brutally attacked, the villagers capture the fiend and sentence her to death by dunking chair, but not before she casts a curse on them and their descendants. Two hundred years later, young newlyweds Veronica (Barbara Steele, Black Sunday) and Philip (Ian Ogilvy, And Now The Screaming Starts) pass through the town on a tour of the Carpathians, only to have their car pulled into a lake by an unseen force . A passing truck driver quickly rescues two bodies from the wreck. One is Philip, battered but alive, and the other is...the witch, back from the dead to wreak havoc on the town once again!

And this cover:

... Wouldn't you think that you where in for a thrill ride of gothic horror?

You are wrong! You are very wrong!

What you get is a very silly movie, bad effects, bad acting and a very thin plot - you wouldn't think that after that long synopsis I just presented for ya. But that's the truth. If you think otherwise after viewing this movie I feel sorry for you.

BUT this doesn't mean it's a bad movie! It was fun as hell! It actually was a thrill ride, but not a thrill ride of gothic horror, but a thrill ride of fun! You even have slapstick humor - which kinda reminded me of the cops in The Last House on the Left. This movie has gotten some very bad reviews. But you need to own this DVD. I haven't had this much fun with a horror movie in a long time. It's just so very wrong, but still so perfect.


Yeah right! Haha. Grab a few beers and enjoy!

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