Tuesday, October 27, 2009

That's it - I'm moving to France!!

No, not really, but I wanna! In the last 4-5 years I've gotten this love for France, and when me and my girlfriend went to Paris two years ago I decided I wanted to live in France one day. And now I've made up my mind. We are fucking moving to France, because of this masterpiece:

I've been in love with French cinema for a long time, but this, this was heaven. It's like God taking a piss in your mouth, which probably would taste like the best beer ever. A true masterpiece from 1980 that you have to see. I must say I had high hopes after the cover was revealed, but I lowered them for a while and jumped into this movie with mixed feelings, and I came out happy and drunk on Gods golden beer piss.

Thank you Don May Jr. This release is the best you have ever put out. Keep putting out more french horror.

Btw, I will hopefully also learn French as soon as possible.


Ninja Dixon said...

But what kind of movie is it? I've been trying to figure it out. Pure horror? Arthouse?

otto rivers said...

I'm french and that's a nice one indeed. We don't have much horror, but some old ones are a bit disturbing, that's a guily pleasure.
For info the woman on the cover wich end up eviscerated in the fridge became famous latter and this movie fell into oblivion. Now she's totally "has been" but the French DVD is crap. This one is the best so far.