Friday, October 30, 2009

No Night of the Creeps on Halloween

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS wasn't confirmed region free on Blu-ray before it was too late. I couldn't get it before Halloween if I ordered it online, the same with ORPHAN. But I new a store in Oslo that sometimes has American release a few days after they come out. But it's expensive. I could order at Amazon and have it in 2-4 days. But that would cost shitloads. So I called the store in Oslo and asked if they had ORPHAN and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS on Blu-ray. He told me that they had ORPHAN, but not NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. I was bummed, but then he told me he could order it and get it there on Thursday. I was thrilled! I thought about leaving my name and hold off a copy. But I thought that it wouldn't sell out straight away, since I was picking it up right after work. So I dropped it. I was very excited and very drunk, a great combo.

So yesterday, Thursday, I went to get ORPHAN and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS on Blu-ray, for a ridiculous amount, but not as ridiculous as Amazon. And I needed these movies for Halloween. I went into the store picked up the ORPHAN blu-ray and walked up to the cashier desk. I put ORPHAN on the desk and asked if they had gotten NIGHT OF THE CREEPS on Blu-ray yet. He told me that it was sold out!! What the fuck!? I was pissed. Pissed as fucking hellshit piss fuck. I new it was my own fault, and the guy asked me if he should order it again, and it would be in on Monday, I said fuck that and paid for ORPHAN. But this made me think about all the expensive DVD stores in Oslo and the people who buy movies from them. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ABOUT ZE INTERNETZ YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!! When I see people buying DUST DEVIL in a Norwegian Geek store for $130, when it actually costs somewhere between $20-30 I get pissed, and the fact that they can take such sick prices just gets to me. I fucking hate them. I hate them so much!!

For a long time I've wanted to ask them why they have so fucking outrages prices. How can you rob people of they're hard earned cash like that? It's like : ''COME HERE AND LET ME FUCK YOU STRAIGHT UP THE ASS''

I'm talking about you OUTLAND (This is not the store where I asked for the Blu-rays)! Do you love screwing people over? Do you love slamming people to the ground, fuck them in the ass and steal they're money? You are fucking criminals! And people buy from you! I can't understand it. Someday I will confront you on this! Fuck you!