Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, after my previous post and after doing some research I finally found this again:

Ah, such a beauty. This is the Thai poster which was on the web many months ago, but suddenly disappeared, and now I found it again! An old art school buddy of mine made me a DVD cover based on this poster, for my DVD-r which I was going to get from Jack. Haven't seen it yet Jack! Nah, I know you probably have a lot of DVD-r to ship around the world.

If you haven't read it, then here is my journey to find the holy grail.

But enjoy the glory that is GHOST OF GUTS EATER!

[Click on picture for large size]


Jared said...

Yeah, he's promised me one too. A while ago. I might be angry if he wernn't so darn lovable!

Patrick B said...

Danish hustler bastard!

Nah, Jack. Just kidding! Your lovable, just like Jared said.

Lars Jacobsson said...

Best get your bib, it's out on ebay now!
(i'm selling off a BIG chuck of my collection)

Jack J said...

I know I am lovable and you guys are getting it for free so you can hardly afford to get annoyed, haha.

Anyhoo, ONE of you is getting it soon (i.e. it's in the mail) and the other one will get it soon as well. The lucky one is a drunk bastard who speaks a bastardised version of Danish. xD

You're getting THE BEASTS as well (both versions).