Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Wow. Just wow! Right off the bat I'm loving this movie, the music, the setting and just the complete atmosphere of everything I'm seeing. The thing is that it's actually creepy at times, which is something you wouldn't expect from this kind of worldweird flick! And when it's suppose to be a dark horror movie, it is a very dark horror movie. The snakes around ZUMA's neck work surprisingly well!

The only bad thing is that I hate the last part of the movie. It's very dialogue based and I think it's more on the story of Zuma and such, but the Japanese VHS is in Filipino language with Japanese subs - So it's not easy to follow the last hour or so, and this just makes the movie too long. But I enjoyed it so much and loved it so much that it doesn't affect my viewing of it.

At one point I was all; ''Fuck Jason, fuck Freddy, Fuck Michael - ALL HAIL ZUMA''. But this was during the dark shots at the beginning of the movie. Out in the light he sort of got a little to superhero'ish!
But FUCK - see ZUMA! The only English "version" that exists is an English dubbed trailer for the film which, incidentally, is on the Japanese ZIMATAR tape (The Japanese Zuma tape contains the trailer for Zimatar).

There is also a sequal; ANAK NI ZUMA (aka Zuma 2: Hell Serpent), which is only available on VCD

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Lost Media Archive said...

Not true. I have the sequel on Phillipino VHS :)