Friday, August 14, 2009


Damn, this isn't mine yet! There was an auction last night on eBay, but it went for much more then I had hoped for!

The Greek VHS went for $112.50! Not that I haven't spent more or equal to that on a VHS before, BUT I just couldn't do it this time. Guess I'll just have to wait for another opportunity! When there where 50 seconds left it was still at $20, and just as I said ''I'll be surprised if this only goes for $20'' it skyrocketed up to 70 then 112. For a second there I was foolish enough to even think - ''Will I get this for $20?''

Oh, well.
Here is the Dutch VHS (I think), 1sheet poster and Mexican lobby card:

[Click on pictures for large size]


Ninja Dixon said...

Amazing. And what do we have in Sweden? Åsa-Nisse and Beck. Tragic. Fuck, I would love to have been born in another country with a better taste in movies.

Jack J said...

Look at it this way; In Scandinavia we've always had everything we wanted so nobody has had to develop their imagination.

These films come from countries that have shit social welfare and because of this people have had to come up with something really entertaining (and cheap) to try and get it sold to make a living.

Do Scandinavian film makers have to kick themselves in the head to come up with an idea that is so exciting that people are gonna pay good money to watch it? No, were we are you can make another boring film about a thirty-something couple and their fucking midlife crisis and your welfare state will give you a grant to finance it!

Nobody is hungry in Scandinavia (except a few exceptional film makers like Lars von Trier) so that's why everything here is so bloody boring. On the good side; altho things here have turned for the worse (in regards to social welfare) we still don't live in cardboard boxes under a bridge and eat fucking shit off the gutter like lots of people do in places where they DO make exciting movies (or used to, anyway). It's all very sad. :/

Patrick B said...

Don't be so dark, Jack. This is a happy blog. A very happy and joyful blog.

But I understand what you both mean!

Jack J said...

This being a happy blog has mostly to do with you being drunk most of the time. ;-)

"Happy blog"? More like happy hour. Hahaha.

Patrick B said...

Hahaha :)