Friday, August 21, 2009


''Special Silencers are large red pills, obtained from a forest dwelling mystic, which aid in meditation. However, if used by the untrained they cause a huge tree to grow in the stomach, and burst its way through the skin. The pills fall into the wrong hands and you can imagine the damage they will cause in the little Indonesian village''

Could a movie seem anymore awesome? This is one of the first movies I'm actually considering buying on DVD-r straight away instead of waiting for a VHS to come along!

There is a clip/trailer on youtube, but it's scrambled. I'll post it anyway:

Thanks to djponey at Cinehound Forum for the scan and thanks to Jack for mailing it to me.

[Click on picture for scan]


Ninja Dixon said...

I'm thinking of getting the dvd-r myself, but I'm not sure how ZDD's version is.

Patrick B said...

If it is a rip from the Dutch VHS it should be good!

Jack J said...

This is one of the wildest Indo flicks!! Stop horsing around and just get this!!! xD

Fred Adelman (the "other" Fred, LOL) wrote about this:

"Oh my God! This is one of the most outrageously insane action/fantasy films I have ever had the pleasure to view"

Read his entertaining review here:

Ps: I bought the bootleg of SPECIAL SILENCERS that Miltos is selling but I was so disappointed by the truly crappy cover + the disc was scratched so I ordered the one from ZDD and it's a good copy (and a nice cover if you care about bootleg covers).

Jack J said...

Btw, Patrick, you say "if it's a rip from the Dutch VHS"; actually I'm not aware of any other releases of the film! I guess there could be a Japanese one but like I said I've never come across it.

Patrick B said...

I thought there was a Japanese VHS release, but I might be wrong! I've only heard about it, never seen a cover!

Jared said...

I've got a dvd-r burn of this. Of course it's from that Dutch VHS. And I'm always up for trading!

Lars Jacobsson said...

I think I have a DVD-R of this lying around somewhere. Can check if you want to.

I also have the dutch VHS but it's not for trade.

Lars Jacobsson said...

Didn't see Jared's post there... didn't meen to steal his thunder there, of course you should trade with him!

Patrick B said...

I was suppose to give Jared my trade list many weeks ago, but I haven't been at my parents house yet, where all my VHS's still are. So sorry Jared.

But I'm always up for a trade if there's something rare and obscure.