Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Pay her! I said pay her! Or I’ll beat your car, punk."

I have to admit that there where some very high expectations when I sat down yesterday to watch RAMBU, or THE INTRUDER as the real title is. I love Indonesian flicks and I love silly and crazy batshit Indo flicks! So RAMBU seemed right up my ally. Right away the movie starts out with poor dubbing and some hilarious dialogue, and it's actually one of the most entertaining openings ever, and my attention is all on Rambu - The tennis ball wielding badass. Yes, Rambu doesn't get his weapons until later –

[Swedish VHS]

- He's all about beating up, it's when they push him to the limit that killing is involved. Rambu is slow at times, but crazy dialogue and bad dubbing picks it up, and a showdown of bikes versus trykes is one of the highlights and one of the most memorable fight scenes ever captured on film!

I've had the Swedish VHS for a long time, (not the one above, mine has just and ugly yellow cover with a black and white photo of RAMBU) and I don't know why, but it's always the best movies that takes me the longest to watch. Why these movies even are in my ''to-watch-pile'' I'll never understand.

RAMBU is great fun and nothing you should take serious. Just have a beer and relax.

Peter O'Brian is currently working as a English teacher in Indonesia - Ian F got ahold of Peter O'Brian, and Jack posted it all on his blog.


Jack J said...

Absolutely! It's a fun flick that's for sure!

And yes Ian F. found Peter O'Brian and we were going to do an interview but somehow someone in the UK got word of it and did the interview before us, haha.

I kept saying to Ian we should still go ahead with our own but I think as he got more and more busy with studying and getting married the interview slowly but securely drifted into the abyss.

Now it's all off as a group effort but I might still go ahead with it at some stage. Or not. LOL. I'm so slow at these things. Look at that ninja guy over in Sweden; every time I write one review he's written 100!! (hej Fred!). Anyway, I think our idea was to bring a print interview but the guys from RAMBU.NET did a recorded one and put it on their site for free (to begin with anyway).

A couple of months back they changed it so you actually had to pay for the download (only just under two dollars, but still). Now it seems they've changed it back so you only have to pay 1 pence(???).

They're also selling bootleg copies of his films. I have no problems with bootlegs but the version of RAMBU they're selling is what they call the "Toad-fish version"! Apparently they've put toad-fish on the screen to make it more funny. Sounds like they're real fans, huh! Not taking the piss out of the film at all. Yeah right. Also, their info says their version doesn't have subtitles which leads me to suspect it's the UK print they're using - which is heavily cut! Oh well, to each their own I guess.

For fuck's sake, somehow all my posts on your blog turn into angry rants! I blame it on you, Patrick!! Hahaha.

Patrick B said...

Haha. You danish are so hotheaded! You are a angry people because you don't have mountains in your country.

But thanks for all the fun and informative ranting!