Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thai Poster Galore!!

I like buying movie posters from time to time, mostly rare and from foreign countries, but I have yet to own Thai movie posters, and I just wondered why the hell that is!? Just look at the fucking things - they are amazing:

An American Werewolf In London

Attack of the Mushroom People


Evil Dead 2

Fake Ghost Catchers

From Beyond

Magic of the Universe

Masters of the Universe

Men From the Gutter

Star Crash

The Brood

The Evil

The Last Hunter

The Last Judgement

The Witch

The Witch

Tiger Joe

Turkey Shoot

Zombie Holocaust

[Click on pictures for large size]


Jared said...

Thanks for these great images. CONQUEST and MAGIC OF THE UNIVERSE are my favorites!

Ninja Dixon said...

Great posters! I think they just reflect the style of Thailand: colorful and... I won't say childish, but they are a playful people when they're happy. I still see a lot of handmade signs and posters there, so I guess they like that style to.

Patrick B said...

No problem, Jared :) The CONQUEST poster is amazing, but I already have two of 'em, so I'm holding back on buying it.

I agree, Ninja. The colors are amazing, and they often include the most memorable scenes from movie, which makes a nice poster.