Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A bearded tale - Nasty 80's Hong Kong, Part 2

Gather around children and I'll tell you the tale of an evening of smoking, palms sweating and lack of sleep;

Like my first journey for rare and obscure Hong Kong movies, and the coming journey's, I've dreaded the hunt for days in and days out. The tension is thick in the air and I can hardly concentrate. This journey began very quietly. I hoped that no one else had picked up the scent on this one, and I was thinking and hoping so for almost 7 days. And I was somewhat right, because I don't think many people noticed that this beauty was in Cyberspace. I know about one guy who's gonna be all; ''Who'da thunk it?''

The days passed on like crazy and no one had made any effort of obtaining this rarity. Was I gonna be this lucky? Only me? No I wasn't. 4 Hours left and a bid was made, but I didn't stress to much, 7 days and only 1 bid was more then I could ever hope for! The hours went and the time was closing in, my hands where sweating and I felt the need for a cigarette. I wanted a beer so bad, but the thought about 3 hours of sleep being enough, so 3 hours of drunken sleeping would be too much, so I put my head out the window to have a cigarette! I needed something to calm my nerves.

Two more bids where made when I popped my head back in, and then another one few seconds later, it was retracted a minutes later. Peeew, one less isn't much, but it's ten times better then one more.

Only few seconds left and I'm shaking, sweating and screaming for mercy.

It ended just as I hoped.

Can you guess what I'm the proud owner of? Bet you can't:

I got the Ocean Shores tape of BRUTAL SORCERY!!!

And guess what? I got it for $20!!

Everyone must have been asleep last night! Hmm ... yeah, that makes sense.


Jack J said...

In the lack of a better way of saying this let my just put it this way: THAT IS AWESOME MAN!!!

I haven't been on eBay for weeks on end because I have no money and I don't wanna risk overdrawing my bank account again (like I have every month for the past few years) so I wasn't even aware of this. Where did you get it? Congrats!!!

Jack J said...

One very nice Stephen Gladwin got me a copy of this film from his VCD but it's in Chinese without subs, do you know which version yours is? The English dubbed one, or subbed even?

Patrick B said...

Thank you very much :)

I got it from ebay. A guy from the US.

So you've seen it? I don't know if it's the subbed or dubbed, but I'll cross my fingers for the subbed one.

Jack J said...

Not yet.

Ninja Dixon said...

Congratulations! :)

Patrick B said...

Thanks, Fred :)

Anonymous said...

just got this bad boy an hour ago for 2 bucks at a rental shop down the street from my work. i have never heard of it though which is why i just looked it up....

Jack J said...

Wauw, lucky you! It just went for $76 on eBay last week!!

Check discussion about the tape here:

Jack J said...
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