Friday, January 30, 2009

When the Vietnam War raged... In Denmark

Ok, where do I actually start with this one?

I have been following this specific item on ebay, wanting it for days, yurning for it to end so I could win:


And as we all know.. Ebay auctions can turn into a battlefield and a brutal carnage of blood, sweat and tears. But never have I seen it been expressed so deeply when I have won the battle.

So obviously, I survived this time, but there was one man who was badly traumatized by this event, as you can see here.

Will he ever recover? Well, if he keeps up with the bargain I'm gonna offer him. If you get me a dvd-r of THE SNAKE QUEEN, I'll get you a dvd-r of HEROES BLOOD. BUT, I don't have the possibilty for it just yet, so you may have to wait a while. Is it a deal?

And by the way, even though you have a mighty fine blog, I didn't find it there. So keep on the good work with your very original blog Mr Jack J.

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Jack J said...

Haha, yes that's a deal. Obviously you know my posts were of a humorous character (I did wonder if non-Scandinavians from more sensitive places would think I was being serious. Oh well, screw 'em! Haha). I'm happy you won it now that I didn't. Shoot me your address and I'll get the Queen in the mail for ya (I don't have to wait for yours, you just send it whenever you get the chance to make a copy).
All the best