Saturday, January 24, 2009

Addiction: In the movie world

You don’t really know who I am, but this is Tales of a Bearded Movie Aficionado, so on occasion I will address my own issues and thoughts about all things movie related.

How do I start this rambling of mine in an interesting way for other people, who aren’t me?

I’m an addict!

When I first began collecting movies I bought the DVD’s, maybe a reprinted poster and a t-shirt every now and then. In the last couple of years it has gotten worse. And don’t get me wrong, I love movies. But all the money it takes to give me what I want isn’t money that I have.

I need the real posters now, the 1sheet poster that goes from everything from amazing $9 bargains to nut cracking $400 robberies. I most love them right? Yeah, I do. But are any of these suckers on the wall yet? No! Actually, they are in my closet, a big pile of everything from 1sheet 60’s horror to 2-3sheets 80’s sci-fi and the bizarre and weird from Asia. I’ve spent so much money on this, and I still haven’t got them up on the wall. One of the reasons is the framing I want. It costs about $300 per poster. Don’t ask.

And so I kept buying rare and fine ass looking posters. Then I found my way to the real movie memorabilia. Screen used props? Yes, you are correct! I bought some Star Wars stuff, got lucky and got some real used Star Wars props from The Empire Strikes Back, from the scenes which were shot here in Norway, which a friend’s dad worked on. And my girlfriend also sponsored me with some cool stuff. Not props, but some kick ass Kenner stuff. She thought it was great gifts after I went crazy at the first Sci-Fi convention ever presented in Norway. I bought some original Kenner toys, and the beast which cost me the most was the Imperial Walker original from Kenner with all stickers, and in the box! Price won’t be mentioned, but it was also a start to a new spending mania! I needed original action figures!

And then you have the people who collect rare and unseen movies on VHS. I buy these items when I get the opportunity, and if it’s not to expensive. But then you have people like Jack J, my pal over at En Lejemorder ser Tilbage (Link under friends), who, and correct me if I’m wrong Jack, who collects VHS tapes of movies he already have on DVD, just because it has a rare or neat looking cover. And I hope you are reading this you Danish bastard, so you can answer for anyone who might be reading. And you can image how much space and money it takes when you have that particular interest.

I’m tired of writing this, so I’ll cut it short. I got into comics again, after many years without them. I bought some Marvel Zombies, Watchmen and some Wolverine stuff. And I told myself that I didn’t need the original comics, single released. Why the hell would I, when most of them are released in Essential collections and the Omnibus series? I and a friend went into a shop with used books and comics. We didn’t go crazy and all apeshit, but we bought some old stuff. And one of the items I bought was the first Watchmen release here in Norway. Not worth anything, probably. But fun items to have. Even thought I just bought the book. My friend also bought some Spanish Captain Marvel. Neither of us knows how you speak or read Spanish. It’s just something that’s fun to collect.

Do any of you, my dear readers; have a collector’s mania you would like to share?

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