Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Amazing Mr. No Legs Review

Ok. Here goes - This is not a typical review. This is in fact a pretty shitty review. BUT, this is how I wrote it on the first take, while watching the movie. So I thought it would be interesting to have a shitty unconventional review. Why not? Everybody else writes 3 page reviews and makes it so intellegent and give us as much info they can possibly cram up everyones asses. But hey, I'm the Bearded Movie Aficionado. Not New York Times, or O Magazine. Does Oprah write movie reviews? She would probably love The Amazing Mr. No Legs.

I feel like this is becoming a Mr. No legs blog, but I have had so many expectations about this movie. And now I'm finally watching it. I am now sitting in my comfortable chair, a beer in my left hand and a smoke in the right, watching THE AMAZING MR. NO LEGS on an old greek ex-rental VHS on my 40" HDTV. Life is grand! I have to put the computer away, the suspense is killing me!

You know what? This is a shitty movie, but everytime Mr. No legs appear I get so pumped that I forget about all the shitty acting, meaningless dialogue and easy and simple turns in the story.

Mr. No Legs is the most bad ass motherfucker I've ever seen. Hell yeah! Bring on more beer and a no legged man, with shotguns and chinese throwing stars on his wheelchair.

This is not the last time I'll see this amazing flick

This movie needs a sequel. No! It needs several sequals, and a prequel! And a remake, with Chuck Norris as Mr. No Legs.


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