Monday, November 22, 2010


.. got a movie I've been wanting for a long time, and which can be hard to get. It pops up every now and then, but it always goes for such high prices. But not this time, got this baby for $20:

The Stabilizer!! With the one and only Peter ''Rambu'' O'Brian. It's also out on DVD through TROMA, but I've heard so much shit about that disc, so why not get the Greek Ex-rental tape? Takes up much more space and is gonna be very useless when we get MegaforceLaserbeam discs after Blu-ray is dead.

I also got this tape, which seems awesome:

Another Greek ex-rental. 19 Girls and a Sailor. Get your filthy minds of my blog! This ain't no porn movie! The plot seems fun:

''A group of 19 young women, led by a partizan man, are the only people available to escort a number of partisan wounded in the struggle for freedom, in the mountain ranges invaded by the Nazi army. The crossing of difficult tracks, and a few encounters with enemy patrols provide danger, and death for some heroines''

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Estef said...

Dear Patrick,

for a long time I´m fishing for 19 girls and a sailor.

I saw this movie in the 80th in a German subtitles original version.

May you help me?