Thursday, July 30, 2009

I will never go to any other cinema ever again!

I'm gonna tell you all a little story, about my best movie experience ever, not because of the movie, but because of the cinema we went to.

About two months ago, me and my girlfriend went on vacation to Prague. We love taking vacations in cities - We're not really people who lay on the beach! How the hell is that vacation? Nah, vacation is walking around seeing things and shopping until your feet bleed! Anyways, in Prague there is a very special cinema, and we had to go, of course. But my girlfriend had already been to Prague and experienced it, and the only movie we could see wasn't really a movie she wanted to see, but she wanted me to experience it - she knows movies is my life. We went to see Terminator: Salvation. Not the movie I was looking most forward to in 2009, but it was either Terminator or Hannah Montana :/

ANYWAY, the cinema I'm talking about is GOLD CLASS - It's an average size theatre with about 20 seats, and there are two seats with a table between, so you have a whole row for yourself. They serve you food and beer during the movie!! Fucking beer at the cinema! I almost cried when they brought my beer. So you order food, nacho's, beer, soda and water before the movie starts, and when the movie starts they start making it for you - About 10-15 minutes into the movie they bring you everything. But they don't bother you, because in front of your seats there is a little row they can walk on so that they are lower then you. The seats are huge! They are seriously huge! They are also electric, so you can lift your feet and lean back.

I'm gonna tell you what we ordered and let you know that this place isn't only amazing, it's heaven:

We ordered:
3 Beers (me)
2 Sandwiches
1 Nacho
3 bottled waters (My girlfriend)

All of that plus the tickets came to $50!! We did some calculating and figured it would have cost us at least $200 here in Norway.

No people screaming or talking, not any candy rappers making fucking noise, just you, the screen, your seat and most importantly - your beer!!

There is also two Gold Class cinema's in the United States. But that's it!

Haha - Cheesy picture, but this is it - Not exactly like in Prague (Prague is actually 10 times better), but the same principle:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was very surprised the other day when I found this poster:

This is the Thai poster for the Norwegian movie VEIVISEREN (PATHFINDER).
This is the first I've seen or heard of such an exotic poster for such a cold and Scandinavian movie! VEIVISEREN is a movie most Norwegian children have been force-fed in school ever since it's VHS release. I think I have seen it 20 times. So I'm really sick of this movie, but this find was fun.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've had a few posts on the Hong Kong movie THE BEASTS - There's been talk about a rare trailer, VHS with English sub and cut DVD's, and so on. But this I didn't know; there is a French VHS release! Apparently it's French dub only, and it's the version without the XXX inserts. It's a Les Plaisirs Video label tape, and I've never heard of it until now:

[Click on picture for large size]

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I had been planning to be the first to get this on youtube - I was actually going to start the process today! I went to work this morning and I was excited to see if there was anything new in the world of Jack, and what did I find? THE RAPE AFTER trailer! It appears that Peter from Cinehound got this on youtube yesterday. And now he is basking in the glory. I wanted that glory! But you beat me to it Peter. Hehe.

Here it is - the very rare trailer for the nasty 80s masterpiece from Hong Kong:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

''The mother of all dark and nasty horror movies from Hongkong from the 1980s''

What the quote above states is true! You hit the nail on the head with that one, Jack. This truly is a nasty masterpiece from 80's Hong Kong. I received my Japanese tape two days ago, and yesterday I bought a new DVD/VHS combo player, which also is a DVD/VHS recorder, so I can copy straight from the VHS and over to a DVD-r disc. Anyways - I plugged it in, put in a tape that clearly read THE RAPE AFTER. After a few minutes I was glued to the TV! I'd like to say that I was under the influence of alcohol, but I couldn't find myself to pause the movie and get some beer. So this will not be my standard drunken rambling, but I'm not saying I'll write any better! A drunk is a drunk - he doesn't actually have to drink! Thank you - sucking in the applause!

Was I gonna talk about a movie or about me being drunk? I can't really remember, but two days ago I received a Japanese tape of the movie THE RAPE AFTER - Now, this is a rare tape, this is the only tape where you can view the movie uncut and letterboxed, BUT you won't understand any of the dialogue, because there isn't any English sub or dub - The HK VCD has English subtitles, but it's cut and fullscreen. The story isn't hard to follow, so it doesn't matter much, because as I said: ''Who needs subtitles with the fantastic imagery that Asian movies provide.'' Quoting myself - Love it.

Oh yes, I started talking about this being a masterpiece, but don't except the ''standard'' crazy Hong Kong, like batshit crazy Hong Kong - THE RAPE AFTER is much more darker and slow-paced. But that's what makes it stand out of the crowd, and it's like nothing I've ever seen before. In some ways it kind of reminded me of NEKROMANTIK, even though NEKROMANTIK became slightly comical because of the music at times. But still one of my favourite movies, top 10 movies actually.

But back to THE RAPE AFTER - damn, I keep falling off track, don't I?

This is a dark, and I mean dark, and gloomy movie - The lighting in this movie is perfect, for what it's suppose to be of course, like most movies. The blue tones throughout the movie is one of the things that makes it so gloomy and brings out a serene atmosphere that I can't put my finger on.
I have to say that these covers make the movie look very colourful and ''happy''... It isn't - But have a look at the Ocean Shores VHS and VCD:

[Click on pictures for large size] - [Thanks to Jack J]

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A pleasent surprise!

I've been stocking up on OOP titles and soon to be OOP titles lately. And one of the movies that just flew by me was the release of THE IGUANA WITH THE TONGUE OF FIRE. And the other day, I bought some NoShame and Raro releases, when I came across THE IGUANA WITH THE TONGUE OF FIRE. It wasn't the 500 Limited release. But the two releases are exactly alike, so I didn't mind. But when I got the package it actually was the 500 Limited release! As I said, it's the same exact release, but it's always fun owning something more limited.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Might I tempt you with some Seeding of a Ghost?

If you haven't seen Seeding of a Ghost yet, you should be ashamed - As I was, having had it for 2 years and not watching it, and that was a few weeks ago!

Here's some screens to tempt you:

[Click on pictures for large size]

Maurizio Merli - The Fist

When Maurizio Merli hits, you feel it!

Maurizio Merli ''began'' his acting career, thanks to Franco Nero, the piercing blue eyes made them look very similar, and he landed a role in director Tonino Ricci's unofficial sequel to Lucio Fulci's WHITE FANG - Zanna Bianca alla Riscossa (White Fang to the Rescue)
But you can't give all the credit to Franco Nero - Maurizio Merli is in fact a great and charismatic actor - he is a good looking man!

He is best known for his Euro-Crime flicks, which had a sudden stop at the beginning of the 80's, after that, there weren't much Maurizio Merli was involved in.

Merli died of an heart attack in 1989, while playing a tennis match with a friend - His daughter was also a witness to the heart attack. Even tough help arrived fast, they where not able to help him.

The actual purpose of this post was:

Maurizio Merli hits like a motherfucker! My jaw gets sore every time I watch one of his movies! He must have beat those guys for real. Truly one of the greatest actors of Euro-crime cinema.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Seeding of a Ghost - Nasty 80's Hong Kong

I saw Seeding of a Ghost the other day, after owning it for maybe 2 years - Why Seeding of a Ghost was one of the movies that went into the ''Won't-watch-for-many-years-pile'' I will never know! What an fantastic atmosphere!

So far, it's been one of the best Nasty 80's Hong Kong movies I've seen - and the hunt still continuous. Hopefully for me most of the ones I’m getting are on DVD, but the once I want the most are only available on VHS, only Japanese, that I know of, and they don’t have subtitles - But who needs subtitles with the fantastic imagery that Asian movies provide.

Now a days it’s fairly easy to get some good nasty Hong Kong on legit DVD, but some of the movies that seems like the best are on rare VHS or Asian DVDs without subtitles.

Anyways - The reason for this post was to show you this poster:

It's the Thai poster of Seeding of a Ghost

[Click on picture for large size]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wolf Devil Woman

About 4 months ago I saw a movie called WOLF DEVIL WOMAN, and if you read this post, you can see how Insane the ride was!

And yesterday I actually got the Ocean Shores VHS - Rare? Oh yes!

I actually got it off Amazon (Thanks for the link, Jack J) - Which I've never been a member of, but when I saw this tape I rushed to it! There was actually two tapes on Amazon. Which is rare, I think, because I got laughed at when I asked a Danish fella to inform me the next time he finds one (read my previous post, linked at the top). The second tape is still there, but it's $150 - I got mine for $44. BUT, if the $150 tape was the only one there, I would buy it. Don't miss the opportunity to see this movie.

Here is a better scan of the tape:

[Click on pictures for large size]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SANTO poster Galore!

No, these are not mine. But behold and enjoy these glorious SANTO posters:





SANTO VS BLUE DEMON - Spanish 1Sheet


SANTO VS. ZOMBIES - Spanish 1Sheet

SANTO VS. DR. DEATH - Spanish 1Sheet

SANTO VS. STRANGLER - Spanish 1Sheet









[Click on pictures for large size]

Monday, July 13, 2009

A bearded tale - Nasty 80's Hong Kong

Gather around children, and I'll tell you a tale.

The night was at an end, and suddenly my head began ringing, I was hung over and work was 1 hour away. But it was the alarm clock, not my drunken head. The time was at hand, and I was ready for a battle I had dreaded for 6 days! I pulled myself out of bed, staggering toward the door - there it was! The dreaded computer!

It was blinking - telling me to get it out of sleep mode. Damn you computer! You have won me many a battle, but you have also lost me some of the most precious! Will you fail me again, you bastard?

I get ready for battle - 22 minutes left. I go back to bed.

I awaken again to see that damn computer. I'm getting nervous now. 13 minutes left - I go back to bed.

I awaken yet again, staggering, once again. The computer is taunting me! 4 minutes left! I get ready.

The battle is at hand, and I'm nervous. More nervous then I've been for months. Haven't really been to such a serious battle as this. I make my attack! It's swift, precise and it's seems like I have won. 20 seconds left! No - my attack was to early. I'm holding on for dear life. 10 seconds - I'm still safe

9 seconds - I can't take this much longer.
8 seconds - Oh god!

The battle is won!

I go back to bed. Only dreading work now!

To make a long story short, I won this:

This is the rare Japanese VHS of THE RAPE AFTER. What I've heard is a nasty 80's Hong Kong flick. I've wanted it for a long time. And finally it's mine! Unfortunately it has no subtitles, but this is the only way you can see it uncut and letterboxed. But I can handle it, I have seen many rare movies without subtitles before - most of them are fairly easy to follow.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A evening with Suzzanna and Barry Prima

Sundel Bolong (GHOST WITH HOLE) & Nyi Blorong (THE SNAKE QUEEN)

What is your idea of the perfect double feature? Sometimes I like to make my own double feature evenings with friends, or my girlfriend, or all alone. And one of the double features I've been wanting to have for a long time, is one with Indonesian weirdness and horror, and what would be more perfect then a double feature evening with two movies featuring Suzzanna and Barry Prima in both of 'em?

''This is the story about a young woman who is killed by a bunch of mindless thugs. She rises from her grave as a ghost/zombie and starts to kill them off one by one in very gruesome fashions. Will anyone be able to stop her or to give this poor soul peace?''

Sounds pretty standard, right? Nah, are you stupid? It's Indonesian. Ain't nothing standard about it.

I just saw the Indonesian horror flick SUNDEL BOLONG, and I have to say I'm dissapointed, with a cast such as Suzzanna and Barry Prima, I was expecting something excellent. What could have been a dark, weird and wonderful Indonesian horror movie focused more on comical aspects and lost me completely in the process. And I was really hoping that this was something special. SUNDEL BOLONG picks it self up the last 20 minutes, and get's pretty amazing! You should watch the movie just because of the last 20 minutes - But it was also a very slow movie and not a very good start on my Suazzanna and Barry Prima Double Feature evening! Incredible entertaining at points - Yes! An awesome movie - No!

The cover of the VCD also features a ''Flying head with intestines dangling underneath'' or more ''Flying skull'', and I was happy to see this featured in the movie as well! I'm always looking for ''Flying head with intestines dangling underneath'' movies.

''This is the story of the snake queen who is worshiped by many people. If you make sacrifices to her she may aid you in you endeavors. However she is very fickle and will often require that you sacrifice a loved one to her. One man has given over his wife and son in the name of wealth. The Queen has demanded that he also give up his daughter. This is too much and he asks for another way. She says that he may give up one member of the household who has enjoyed his wealth for one year. To that end the man seeks to marry off his daughter so that he can sacrifice the son in law. Things become complicated when the snake queen, in disguise falls in love with the young man creating a very odd love triangle''

Nyi Blorong (THE SNAKE QUEEN) is something completely different - This is why I fell in love with Indonesian horror. It's weird, fun and hilarious! The snake with a crown on it's head is just priceless. Haha.

Nyi Blorong has some very nice fantasy and horror elements.

I mad a bid for the Joconda tape on Ebay many months ago. I wanted it so bad, but lost. The tape went for 250$ And now that I've seen this fantastic movie I regret that I didn't bid more. The oppurtunity for getting the tape is very rare, so I may not get the chance for a long time, but I'm gonna bid more when I do.

I had fun throughout the movie, and overall, my double feature evening with Suzzanna and Barry Prima was very entertaining and fun.

None of the movies I saw had English subtitles, but where fairly easy to follow, and both films are based on Indonesian folklore, like most Indonesian movies.

Remember - I don't write reviews, at least not in the traditional way! This is my drunken journal of worldweird movies. Just so you know.

Pengabdi Setan - Good movie, good beer, shitty version

A good evening is a wonderful and crazy Asian movie and some beer - I had that going for me tonight, only that the version I saw of this wonderful movie was bad! And I mean BAD! I'm not even gonna mention the ratio and picture quality of the version - My god!

But the movie was entertaining and the beer was good, as always.

Now, after some rambling, I'll get to the matter of the post:

Some months ago I wrote a rambling post, wondering why people where bidding on the Japanese VHS tape - which doesn't have subtitles - when there was a version of it featured on a DVD box set - Well, I totally understand now! I want the Japanese VHS now! I saw the Advantage Collection: Eastern Horror version, and it was shit! Totally and utter shit!
Congrats to who ever won the auction of the Japanese VHS a few months ago on Ebay. The tape went for $162.
[Click on picture for large size] (Cover comes courtesy of Jack J)

I found the whole movie on Youtube, and I think it's from the Japanese VHS, so that means no English subtitles, but I would advise you to watch the version that's on Youtube, rather then the Eastern Horror DVD release.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

El Baron Del Terror Model Kit

Most horror movie icons are action figures by now! But there is one Horror icon (icon for me at least) that needs to get some good action figure treatment - BRAINIAC!

Baron Vitelius would make an awesome action figure! And the other day I got so obsessed with it that I started looking for one - thinking that I would never find one, and I didn't, but I found this:

It's a build your own BRAINIAC kit! How awesome is that? Don't even bother answering that question, because I know how awesome it is - It's not only awesome, it's totally rad! I went there, I used the word rad!

''This kit contains 7 solid cold cast porcelain resin pieces including 2 different tongues to choose from.''

Break out your beer, cigarettes, hoes and bitches - It's BRAINIAC model making time!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

NIGHT OF DEATH - Rare(?) French Horror

I was mind boggled the other day when I came across this picture:

Not only had I never heard of the film, but I haven't seen any announcement by Synapse. Which I usually do, because I'm at the same board as Don May Jr.

The only thing I found out is that it's a French horror movie from 1980 and that Georges Lucas is part of the cast!!? Not the director of Star Wars.

I also found this clip at french youtube:


Apparently there is a French DVD that came out in 2003, but with very poor quality and without subtitles:

Here is also the Canadian VHS, without subtitles and with a ''stolen'' cover from another 1980 movie called DEMENTED:

[Click on pictures for large size]

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Amazing Mr. No Legs

Here is the amazing cover for the Swedish ex-rental VHS of the amazing movie, THE AMAZING MR. NO LEGS. That was a lot of amazing!

I have the Greek ex-rental VHS, which is fine, but I would love to have the Swedish ex-rental VHS as well. Love the cover!

[Click on picture for large size]

THE BEASTS covers and poster

3. VCD
4. Theatrical poster
Thank you Jack, for the VHS covers.

[Click on pictures for large size]