Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Story telling time - Bearded Movie Aficionado style! Part 2: Golden Queens Commando

The first 20 minutes consist of getting to know the characters: Sugar Plum, Black Fox, Quick Silver, Amazon, Dynamite and Black Cat - Truly Asian names. Then movie rip offs everything it possibly can. It starts off as a crime film; slips into a women In Prison film, then to a prison escape film, then a World War 2 secret mission film, onward into a western film and then a James Bond film. So it has a lot going for it. I also get an Indiana Jones vibe at certain points. And how could I forget the slapstick'ish humour that runs throughout the whole movie. It also steals a lot of music: Mostly from The God, The Bad and The Ugly. But it's ok - It fits the scene, since it became a western at the end. This is just great!

I enjoy most of the movies I watch with beer! Enhancing the movie? No. Just pure deliciousness! But I've been sick for some days now, and didn't feel like having beer. But I had my cigarettes and a really good movie! So I was fine. But then as I sat trough the movie I noticed that they where drinking beer all the time! Damn, I'm thirsty.

Also - Asian women wearing Nazi uniforms and rocking 80's hair dues never fail. Watch it if you want pure fun and entertainment. PURE STYLISH ASIAN ACTION!!

Why aren’t these kinds of movies out on DVD yet? These are the true classics that people need to see. Mondo Macabro - I'm looking at you!

So in the end I couldn't enjoy this movie with beer, because I've been sick for some days now. But it was fun as hell, and everybody should check this out.


Jack J said...

Heey, who wrote about this first? Haha.

Actually, one of the two sequels IS on dvd; You can get "Fantasy Mission Force" on letterboxed dvd in Malaysia of all places. It's only 8 bucks from Sensasian. And yes it has English subs.

Have a look here:


Patrick B said...

Haha. I don't know, since my blog clock is wrong I can't tell! Probably at the same time. I posted about it and then I took a trip to the danish country side and saw that you also wrote about it.

I forgot to write about one of the sequels - Pink Force Commando, which I have on Greek VHS.

Thanks, Jack. Looks cool.

So Jackie Chan is in this one aswell. He was in Golden Queens Commando, uncredited. But I didn't see him.

Cool site - Seems like they have a bunch of cool stuff. Do you know if they only have official releases? I Don't like bootlegs very much!

Have you seen this by the way?

Jack J said...

Yes, it's a legit store. They are the "DDDDHouse" of Malaysia.

They have warehouses in different countries in Asia and the postage is free if you make an order that only includes dvds which are located in the same country!

They don't sell bootlegs at all. And yes I have bought that dvd but no I haven't watched it yet. I have an embarrassing amount of films I haven't watched yet.

Patrick B said...

You think your the only one? Hehe. I think most movie collectors have a bunch they haven't seen. I think I have movies I bought 2 years ago I haven't seen yet.

I don't even dare to think about how many I haven't seen yet. I haven't even seen Rambu yet!! OK? RAMBU on swedish VHS. And I haven't seen it!!

Jack J said...

Arghh, the nice Spannick of such well know forums as Asian Dvd Guide and Dvdmaniacs sent me uncut, letterboxed copies of "Golden Queens Commando" A-N-D "Pink Force Commando" yesterday!!! (+ a dvd of Schulmädchen Report trailers but that's an entire different case, LOL). Ahhhh... finally!!! My old prints of both movies are U-G-L-Y pan and scan (or "pan and SCAM"!! as you get scammed out of a good movie experience with those terrible prints!!).

Patrick B said...

Lucky bastard!! Let me know how they look!

And by copies you mean DVD-r or VHS?

Jack J said...

They are dvd-r copies (dupes). Off original tapes.

Patrick B said...

Ok. Cool.

I still haven't seen Pink Force Commando, but I felt I needed to see Golden Queens Commando first.