Tuesday, September 15, 2009

De Dødes Tjern DVD cover

Here it is! Finally! After all these years:

De Dødes Tjern (Lake of the dead) is THE best Norwegian horror movie ever! There hasn't been made many, but

this is pure suspense and terror. The only sad thing is that this release probably won't be something for other then us scandinavians, since it won't have subtitles, and if it does have subtiltes it's probably Norwegian, Danish and/or Swedish. But I don't know yet, I haven't seen any of the other ''Norwegian Classics'' releases.

I think the cover is amazing, unlike this Danish bastard. It's kinda Jugend (Art Nouveau)
And thank you Danish bastard, for the cover.

This will be one of the best movie nights in a long time!


Lars Jacobsson's comment on Jack J's post:

''And since all the other Norske Filmklassiker-DVD:s I have contain english subs I suppose we could be pretty sure that this one has 'em too.''

Now you other bastards also have something to look forward too.