Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grave of the Vampire

I secured this item yesterday:

The Japanese Clarion release of GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE! The tape is very rare, but it's not a complete uncut version of the movie;

''The Japan version is missing some shots of the hammer murder and a scene with a close-up of the vampires face in the basement. The Unicorn tape is the same as the Japan version. The only uncut version was the one they showed on Showtime (or Cinemax - one of those pay channels a while back). It has scenes of the hammer murder not in ANY other version. The problem with that version is that it is cropped to 1.85 and horribly cuts off picture info. It's so bad you can't even see the guy on the porch of the house yelling to the guy and girl getting into the car."
- Bill Knight

I've seen this tape two times on Ebay, and both times it went for over $200.


Jocke Andersson said...

You know, I usually spend 4000 sek on dvds every month, occasionally more, and I sincerely hope that I never get into that vhscollectormode because it looks like it would be cheaper to collect diamonds. :)

Fred said...

I agree with Jocke! DVD's is enough :)

Everybody is talking about this movie by the way, so I decided to download it. I'm very curious now, and I hope it's worth the download ;)

Patrick B said...

Hehe. Collecting VHS is very
expensive! I think it's two times that I've spent $120 on one VHS, and that's like 12 DVDs! I'm going to calm down my VHS collecting and only get the very very rare stuff. And actually sell some. I never sell DVDs, but when you give $120 for one movie and end up don't enjoying it, it's nothing to keep.

The whole point of getting these VHS's are so you can see the movie! But I'm also a collector! So I'll probably get some DVD-r soon of the movies that are less rare and just buy the very rare stuff.

Jack J said...

There's actually an okay dvd relase so there's really no need to DL this. ;o)

Jocke, how the hell can you spend 4000 kr. on DVDs a month??? That would give you something like 40 dvd's per month (and if you buy Asian stuff that would be like 80 DVDs!).

Patrick B said...

YEAH Jocke, how many movies do you actually have?

Ninja Dixon said...

Jack: Which dvd do you recommend?

"That would give you something like 40 dvd's per month (and if you buy Asian stuff that would be like 80 DVDs!)"

And that's the same with me. Without a doubt. I mostly buy dvds cheap when they are on sale, or second hand, so there's an amazing growth rate in the collection!

Jack J said...

Actually I don't know as I don't have any of them. I have a Danish VHS from Video International and a UK VHS. However, judging by this thread it seems the MGM DVD is the best one:

In that thread I also link to a Cinehound thread where someone compared the video releases (but of course you're asking about a DVD).

Ninja Dixon said...

I can't find any mgm dvd, only a print with the mgm-logo in that can be downloaded... so I'll go for that one :)