Thursday, September 17, 2009

Army of Darkness in Ghana

Do you remember this delightful post? Very interesting post from Worldweird Cinema. Today I stumbled upon this item:

It's on Ebay, and has a buy it now price of $250. Would be very cool in my collection, but I can't spend such money on a poster right now.


Jack J said...

This is terrible! Sure, it's a nice poster but that price is ridiculous! Those posters are painted on old flour sacks and they guy who made it probably got something like 50 cents for it. :/

Patrick B said...

You Danish are always so negative. I think it's because you don't get that fresh mountain air.

I agree, it's expensive as shit, but it could be considered a rare item! Right?

Jack J said...

Look at this geture. Look at how my middle finger is pointing in your direction. That's a rare item too! :/