Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who'da thunk It! Norwegian ex-rentals - Part 2

A little less Who'da thunk It then the previous post, but still some fun VHS ex-rentals from Norway:




BONE (Norwegian title: Sort Terror - Translated into English: Black Terror)

[Click on scan for large size]


Ninja Dixon said...

Patrick, are these your x-rentals? I'm jealous :)

Patrick B said...

No :( I'm sorry to say but they are not mine. I don't have many Norwegian ex-rentals. I almost only have Greek and Japanese ex-rentals.

Jack J said...

And you have FIRE BACK in Norway!! Another Filipino flick I'm surprised to see up there in the fjelds! :o)

Usch, and you have THE RIVER!! As you know I found that recently on Danish ex-rental (very rare Danish ex-rental I might add) but unfortunately it's fullscreen. I believe the Norwegian one is lbx. Again, do you actually have these flicks or only the cover scans?

Jack J said...

Obviously I don't bother to read other peoples posts, haha. Please disregard my last FEEBLE question.

Patrick B said...

Haha. I understand, you are just to psyched to be bothered reading other people's posts.

I'll post more tomorrow! I don't know about the Who'da thunk it factor, but it'll be some goodies.