Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Warrior Sequels? Forget it!

Thanks to all the crappy collectors and supposedly movie fans out there we won't be seeing any of the WARRIOR sequels from Mondo Macabro. I jumped with joy when I first found out about the release of THE WARRIOR (aka Jaka Sembung), and I bought it right away. And when I heard about the release of four more movies in the series, I didn't even know that there was a ''series'', I nearly came. Four sequels and a total of five THE WARRIOR movies being released by Mondo Macabro!? Holy shit!

But no, unfortunately this won't happen, because the sales “where dreadful” – according to Pete from Mondo Macabro;

“A big loss for us on that one, so I can't see those other ones ever coming out. Leastways, not from us! But, never say never, as the expression goes.”

But why did the sale go so bad? Because of economy, so people rather download then buy movies? I just lost my job, but guess what? I’m still buying movies, and beer and cigarettes for those awesome movie nights that we have here in Norway on an almost daily basis. Fuck you downloader’s and hail Mondo Macabro!

“I don't think the wide availability of our version on torrent sites exactly helped. Thanks, guys! Hope I can return the compliment some day in some way” – Pete, Mondo Macabro.

Keep releasing good, bizarre and weird movies, Pete. The true fans will always back you up and enjoy the wildside of world cinema.


Jocke Andersson said...

One site that bugs me most is Cinemageddon.org. When I found the site I was fucking amazed on the cool stuff that came of vhsrips, stuff that I'd only heard about. But nowadays every fucking cult movie dvd is on the site in full dvdrip. People are just cheap, just because they can get away with it. I still use the site, but mostly for vhs and tvrips of obscure stuff but I get more pissed every single day when I see the stuff that is being uploaded. The problem is, they dont care that they are killing the business, they just want it for free anyway.

Patrick B said...

I don't understand it. I THOUGHT that the real movie fans where people with taste like us - obscure, weird and bizarre movies - but I guess not. I've talked alot with Don May Jr, the president of Synapse Films and he also thinks that Cinemageddon is one of the factors that are killing their sales right now. I hate cinemageddon. I LOVE that they put out VHSrips that can't be found on dvd. But when it can be found on dvd, it's not good. At least every Mondo Macabro, Synapse, severin and grindhouse title is on that page. I really thought "we" where the real movie fans that doesn't download, but there is obviously some assholes out there.

Jack J said...

I agree with both of you. I've never used Cinemageddon but that's mainly due to two other factors: 1) I fear the gestapo and 2) I collect original releases. But so far when people have told me you could get rare stuff there I have seen and understood why a site like CG had some value. Someone I know uploaded the VERY rare Indonesian film 5 DEADLY ANGELS and sure that's a good thing. I don't wanna download it myself but I understand why someone else would. But THIS! Uploading and downloading dvdrips of dvds from Mondo Macabro and Synapse etc. that really sucks!! On their page they even say they don't tolerate rips like that but obviously they're full of bullshit. It could've been a really good site that catered to true fans of obscure films but instead it became a site for cheap fucks!!!

And because of this I have to keep watching my THE WARRIOR #4 & 5 sequels in Indonesian with absolutely no English option instead of getting nice DVD versions from MM. Gee, thanks CG! Well done.

Patrick B said...

I believe it was Don May Jr, the president of Synapse, who sent them several e-mails and told them to take down the rips of Synapse DVD's, but he got no respons. So clearly the statements about DVDrips are bullshit, and they don't respect these companies.

Jocke Andersson said...

They have actually removed Synapses release of Grapes of death, so it may not be bullshit.

And I cant hate them since I've gotten to see movies like People who own the dark, The Boogens, The Killings at Outpost zeta and Attack of the beast creatures. Stuff that probably never will get a release... well, at least the last two. :)

Patrick B said...

What they do with movies that never will be released is good. Because VHS's, even thought I love collecting then, are for the most part expensive as shit! I got Heroes Blood for $120. Which Jack got for $33. So you can get lucky some times, but yeah. But they still have many releases and should have a moderator to check this more often, if that's the case.

But I agree, they are doing some good things; like releasing movies that may never they released on DVD and are hard to get on VHS.

Jack J said...

Talking 'bout a non computer film: If you're still interested in Barry Prima's Indo flick "Bloody Vengeance" you can get it here: