Friday, March 6, 2009

Barbado cinematográfica aficionado ataca de nuevo

The title might translate bad, but that was the best I could do.

Anyways, I won these little beauties last night:

They are the Spanish one sheets of Dawn of the Dead and Cannibal Holocaust. The Dawn of the Dead poster is supposedly very hard to find, which makes this an even bigger pleasure. These posters are going to get the best treatment, they will be hanging on the wall in massive gold frames.

They both measure 27x39 inches.
This is going to look beautiful on the wall.


Jocke Andersson said...

Me and my girlfriend are planning on moving in together and the biggest problem is how we are gonna decorate the living room walls. She will accept Paul Naschy posters, but I think the Cannibal holocaust one is out of the question. :)

Patrick B said...

Haha. Me and my girlfriend made a deal: I get one room where I can have all my dvd's, posters and other movie memorabilia. I'm gonna make sure it's the biggest room in the house! No plans on getting a house yet, but we want to get one as fast as possible. She doesn't like any of my posters - she is a fan of horror, to some deegre - but she doesn't see it as beautiful decoration. Her thing is interior, and my thing is movies and interior, so I guess it's ok. Hehe.

Jack J said...

I have a friend who had a gf who SO MUCH didn't like his DAWN OF THE DEAD poster (the one with maggots coming out of a zombie's mouth) that he had to cover it up with a bed sheet every time she came over, haha.

Patrick B said...

Hehe. Getting funky infront of an maggot infested zombie might disturb some people.

JoseViruete said...

The Zombi poster, is, indeed, very rare! Congratulations (even if this post is already a bit old :)

Ah! I would choose to translate your blog title as "el cinéfilo barbudo"

Patrick B said...

Thank you. Never to late for comments :)

That's a good re-title :D

Patrick B said...

too late''