Monday, April 6, 2009

Mattei news

Bruno Mattei's JAWS rip-off CRUEL JAWS is finally getting a DVD release. Me and most of the collectors I know already have this one Japanese VHS, since it is a must have! But now we can finally enjoy this on DVD with both the Italian and English audio tracks.

The DVD will hit the streets on May 21 from a company called Stormovie

(Thanks to Jack J for info and picture)

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Jack J said...

- and I would like to thank Søren Jacobsen of "Skræk og rædsel" blog for the picture scan and info.

And Søren would probably like to thank Magnus of "Dvd Sleuth" blog for the info & scan cos that's where it initially originated from.

The Mattei disease is spreading thru out this grim north. Haha.