Friday, February 13, 2009

Werewolves on Wheels: A Bearded movie for a Bearded Movie Aficionado

As a group of bikers moves across the desert, they come
across an old church that a satanic cult has taken over. The cultists give them drugged food, and the bikers soon fall asleep. That night the cultists cast a curse on the biker leader's girlfriend, that makes her turn into a werewolf after nightfall.

Werewolves on Wheels is a fun crossover. Biker flicks aren’t really a huge sub genre in the exploitation genre. And the “Werewolf biker” genre is even smaller, to say the least, but it would be a fun genre to have more movies in.

There was more Wheels then Werewolves, but it was a fun 70’s exploitation flick that takes you on a fun ride through the world of The Devils Advocates, an already hairy gang of boozed up, drug addicted bikers, and top it all of with a funky twist, which kind of makes me think back to the Universal Monster flicks. But keep in mind; this is not a movie you should take serious - At all! It’s the only way one should watch these types of drive-in B movies

I’m not saying that werewolves on wheels, was a genius movie. It had its moments and had some surprising elements to it. And this may be a spoiler to some, but I don’t see it as one – That you never really see the werewolves until the end of the movie. But it made a good atmosphere and set a surreal and paranoid tone amongst the biker gang. The only sad thing is that it made me want to see more. The movie was too short. I would have wanted at least 30 more minutes of fun and bizarre exploitation weirdness.

The acting is the one of the few issues I have with the movie. In these kinds of movies you obviously need someone who can ride a motorcycle, so many of them may not have acting skills or experience at all. Like in the Ozploitation movie STONE – It was a good movie, but a lot of the atmosphere was stolen by bad actors. In STONE they had real Hells Angels bikers, and it made some of the acting pretty overdone and kind of painful to watch. In many scenes (WOW), footage was used of real bikers with no experience or training in acting going about their lives as normal. But I don’t know if these where the actors in the movie, or if it was footage the directors shot of other bikers.

It may have been slow at times, but there was one line that set the tone for the whole movie, and actually made you rethink the first part a bit – “That was no accident – it was heavy. Somebody’s controllin’ the vibes”. It was surreal, bizarre and fun, all at the same time. And it was never boring. Character development was actually a part of this movie, which you don’t expect from a 70’s drive-in flick.

But keep in mind that this is true exploitation trash. Most likely, you won’t enjoy this movie. The title is actually a little to cool for the movie itself, and makes you expect a whole lot of werewolves, but as I said; there was more Wheels then Werewolves. The movie isn’t what you would expect. It has more a surreal, trippy and artistic tone to it. But kick it with the Devils Advocates, and have a groovy time, like I did!
70's explo-feel & groove, baby!

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