Wednesday, February 18, 2009

War Gore Galore

Recently I have discovered what you may call Pilipino Vietnam War movies. It’s Vietnam War movies played out in the Philippines by Pilipino actors, most of the time. My first ever experience of this delightful “genre” was through the movie PHANTOM SOLDIERS. But lately I have gained more interest for these movies, and actually, my purchases this month has been 90% Pilipino war movies or other types of war movies. I have always been fond of WW2 movies and always hated Vietnam War movies. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. But when I found out that you could watch trashy Vietnam War movies, I was there!

I will probably write a little piece on these movies as soon as I get to see through a bunch of them. I have to thank Jack J at When The Vietnam War Raged …. In the Philippines for also giving me some influence. So I had to buy a bunch of Greek, Dutch, Japanese and Australian ex-rentals to get these movies.

Have a look:


Jack J said...

Thanks for the mention and you're right; They contain heaps of good trashy fun. Just like you I was never into war movies before. They were just too boring for my taste as the only ones I'd come across were old American and old Italian war flicks. Just too talkative and didn't hold the violence you fester on when you're a gorehound. But the Filipino flicks are good fun. And I do realise some of the later, trashier Italo flicks (like The Last Hunter!) are great too!

Patrick B said...

No problem. I'm looking forward to it! As I said in my entry; I've only seen Phantom Soldiers. So I have some fun trashy hours to endulge myself in.

I've always loved WW2 movies. But Vietnam movies has always been boring. I don't think I liked the environment. The WW2 movies are always more gritty. Vietnam movies are more brutal when it comes to violence, but there is something about the ruins and dark imagery in WW2 that where more appealing to me.

lovegore said...

hello ,my name is John and I am from Athens ,Greece.I had rent Spy Inferno when I was a kid and remember that it was a very good film and liked me a lot .I have never seen this again from then.Please ,can you make a copy of this for me ?? It is for nostalgic reasons for me and you are my only hope to see this again .Thank you .