Sunday, February 8, 2009

Great find equals nostalgia overload

May contain spoilers for those who haven’t seen John Carpenters THEY LIVE.

At the age of 10 or 11 I went over to two friends of mine, who are brothers, and we did our usual thing – we played some Playstation, played soccer and raked havoc in the neighborhood. After a while we went down to the basement where they had a TV and a VCR, a ping pong table and other fun filled related stuff. Then one of the brothers pulled out a VHS tape. “Hey, let’s watch the movie we taped last night!” I asked what kind of movie it was. They said that they didn’t know, and that they only had seen the title. I then followed up my first question with the obvious – “What’s the name of the movie?” The reply I got was: “They Live” – I hadn’t heard about it, but it was fine with me, I was always up for watching new things. And what we saw was a sci-fi horror hybrid that would blow my mind.

At first I didn’t really understand the movie, but under the whole viewing process I was amazed. I sat in the beanbag in the basement watching, at that time, the best movie I had ever seen! It was creepy and entertaining as hell. It is of course one of my favorite movies to date. But for some years it was one of the “Can’t-remember-the-title-nostalgia-movies”. Until I managed to find it again many years ago, it was maybe 5 or 6 years. And I have seen it many times since then. I have been searching for a poster for many years, and the most decent I have found is a poster from Thailand. It isn’t expensive, so the price isn’t what’s kept me from buying it, but the fact that the sunglasses and hands are so badly proportioned:

Just look at those big suckers!

But today I couldn’t believe my eyes – I found 6, yes 6 posters of They Live! And they aren’t bad looking. The posters are photobusta posters, which basically are big lobby cards. I usually don’t like photobusta posters. They just look bad, and I can’t really tell you why. But I love lobby cards, so I can’t understand what my deal with photobusta posters are. Anyways, enough rambling - Here they are - Original Photobusta posters from the Italian cinema release in 1989:

These bad boys aren’t small either. They measure 18x26 inches. Which isn’t huge. But for something that looks like a lobby card, it’s pretty big.

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