Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yeah, I've been gone awhile

So I just wanted to update with some of my great purchases over the past .. year? Fuck, it's been long. Sorry that I never stated anything here, but I talked to the ones that really cared.

I managed to get this baby:

Japanese VHS of Hong Kong horror The Devil (Xie Mo). The tape is English dubbed and letterboxed. This is awesome. But I also got something else, that I think is very rare. But I don't really know.

It's a sealed Italian VHS of The Beast in Heat:

If it's rare or not doesn't matter. I allready have the perfect DVD release. This is just a fun thing to have.


Jack J said...

Yeah, that's a very nice tape. I've got one too. :D

Patrick B said...

And you probably got for $2. Haha ;)

Download In The Land Of The Free said...

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Jack J said...

Ahh, what would the world be like if we didn't have spam robots.

Jack J said...

What the fuck's wrong with you you Norwegian douchebag! Why aren't you posting!!?? I just hate Norway more and more every time I think of you!!! You spermsæk!!!

(hope all is well and all. Miss your ramblings!)