Sunday, October 31, 2010

After many beers and The Blob (1988), this is what a bearded movie aficionado thinks about:

I just finished watching The Blob (1988), and this made me think about practical effects, and todays CGI overload. Why the hell would movie makers want to use CGI, instead of Practical effects? It looks so much better. I can't rant about this without mentioning CGI blood. Now what the fuck is that? What happened to squibs? Are squibs extinct? Heh. Funny. They use CGI for every little detail that could have looked so much better with make up fx or practical effects. Is it that people have so high budgets these days that it's practical or do they actually think that it looks better? Maybe not; The prequel to The Thing actors, which has many Norwegian actors in it, stated that 15 of the 70 million used for production was used on practical effects. Which is a fucking good thing. So there is still hope out there in the horror world, and maybe this project will be good after all.

Even people like Rob Zombie, who is what I would call a ''fan director'' also uses CGI for many of the blood effects. In a horror world where practical effets and make up fx are dying, it's good to see that someone still wants to use it, and see the benefits of it, and how much better it looks. You can't beat practical effects.

Just a small rant.


Ninja Dixon said...

There was people complaining about the massive use of special effects in The Blob remake from 1988, looking back to the "good old days" and how much better it was then. And now it's the same again.

For me it don't matter really. As long as I get entertainment, the Chuck Russells The Blob is superior to the original :)

Patrick B said...

If it looks good, shure. But most of the time it doesn't. And I'm a old school kid, even though I didn't grew up during the practical effects time. I just think it looks better :)