Monday, September 20, 2010

The Pirates of Dark Water

Hello fuckers. I was fucking happy today when I came home and found out that Pirates of Dark Water was finally out on DVD!! A show I grew up with and love so much! I've been waiting for years. BUY IT!! Only shitty thing is; it was released by Warner Archives. It's better then nothing, but these releases aren't the best and the only place you can order it is at and they only ship inside the US. FUCKERS! But that can probably be arranged. It's a complete 4 disc set. Can't wait!!


Jack J said...

Fred or Jocke or some such Swedish person mentioned today some place where those crappy dvd-r's are available for those of us who are so unfortunate as to live outside of the US.

Patrick B said...

Jack J:

Thank you Jack. I'll ask Fred about it.