Friday, May 8, 2009

Story telling time - Bearded Movie Aficionado style! Part 3: Purani Haveli - Mansion of Evil

So, I woke up made myself some breakfast and drank some energy drinks, because I only slept 5 hours last night, and started looking trough my collection. I picked Bollywood Horror collection v.2. I was looking for some fun this morning, so of course I picked the Bollywood Horror Collection!

I watched what seemed like was not the ''main attraction'' in the second volume of the collection - Purani Haveli - Because I was sold when I looked at the back of the cover - ''hairy beasts roam the corridors''. I was in a more hairy beast mood, then I was in a vampire mood. And since I am the Bearded Movie Aficionado, I felt obligated to watch Purani Haveli first.

This movie has horror, hairy beasts, killer statues, a crazy old man, musical numbers, a HERO, humour, JESUS (not Jesus himself, but the imagery of Jesus. And lots of it), stuffed animals, and..... Yeah, I don’t know what to finish with, because there is so much crazy and weird stuff in this movie. And yeah - The main ''hero'' had a sidekick, a fat and silly sidekick - Which in the running time of 2 hours and 19 minutes had his own little movie within the movie!

The horror scenes was actually very effective, but most of the movie - 2 hours and 19 min - was a love drama story and silly humour, and of course singing! You can't have a Bollywood movie without singing - That also includes the horror movies! So after much love and drama and 4-5 musical numbers and a silly sidekick movie within a Bollywood horror movie I was left with a smile on my face. They could have cut 30-40 min of the film, and it would have been a very good and surprisingly effective horror movie, and not silly like most of these movies are - But I love the silliness. The differences in this and other ‘‘silly’’ batshit movies are that in Purani Haveli it was intentional! I love the non-intentional silliness in other batshit world weird movies, but it was fun laughing when you where suppose to laugh.

In other words: My day started off great!

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