Thursday, May 7, 2009

Krasue Kud Porb - ''Flying head with intestines dangling underneath''

I haven't seen much when it comes to the genre ''flying head with intestines dangling underneath''. But I shure do love the ones I have seen - One of them are Mystics In Bali which you should all check out.

But in my hunt for more of these flicks I came across one today - Krasue Kud Porb:

Isn't it beautiful?

Unfortunately it is on VCD. This is actually my first VCD ever, so I couldn't really know how the ''experience'' is, but based on screenshots the quality isn't really much to talk about. There is no English subtitles, at least not that I could find out. But hey - I got it for $6, so who cares?

There aren't much of these on DVD, at least that I know of!

Jack will probably have something smart to say about this post, since he's more knee deep in this genre then I am, so bring it on Jack!


Jack J said...

LOL. Look, I may be funny but I'm not a smart-arse (or smart-ass if you will). I don't diss anyone unless they're a cunt and then I'd rather just go and do my own THANG.

Your knocking my being Danish is funny and all but to be honest with ya it doesn't mean shit to me where you or anybody comes from. You're a far cooler collector than most of the people I know from Danish boards who are just entangled in old Italian films. Those films are fine but it's right out DUMB to not learn about new stuff. And that's what you do so just like AC/DC I salute you!!

PS: Please don't try and hug me.

Patrick B said...

It would be impossible to hug you, I can't strech to denmark. And I think a cyber hug could be considered somewhat sexual? Haha.

You have to mock eachother when your from scandinavia. It's the rules! But it's friendly mocking.

Hehe - ''entangled in old Italian films.''

I love Italian films :O

But yeah, I always try to find bizarre stuff! Isn't that what it's all about? I learn more and more about so many different genres and movies every day. That's the fun about beeing a collector!!

Patrick B said...

''Jack will probably have something smart to say about this post, since he's more knee deep in this genre then I am, so bring it on Jack!''

This wasn't ment as a bad thing. You know more then me about these movies, so if you had something to correct on my post, you are welcome to do so. Hehe

Jack J said...
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Jack J said...

Oh fuck!! I was gonna write something new and of course I accidentally deleted my old remark, haha!! Argh.

Patrick B said...


I got the movie yesterday, and there followed an extra disc and a shit ugly poster of some Asian family drama movie. The free disc was The Coffin. Ever seen it, Jack?

Jack J said...