Saturday, April 11, 2009

Story telling time - Bearded Movie Aficionado style! Part 1: Wolf Devil Woman

I’m going to tell you all a story – It’s about a wolf, a Ku Klux Klan devil with a southern accent, a woman, some beer and a Danish fella.

Yesterday I was cruising around the internet as most people call it, and I came upon a post by a Danish fella - He had been given the opportunity to obtain a VHS tape who he so much wanted. And he got it! Only - He had to give something in return. What he gave in return seemed like a piece of shit in comparison. But what this Danish fella got was a VHS tape of WOLF DEVIL WOMAN. Never heard of it? Understandable. I hadn't either, but my interest was awakened and I also wanted this tape. The Danish laughed at me when I gave him the reply: ''You need to give me a heads up the next time you find a copy of this, Jack.'' - Which wasn't very nice. But then there came another fella, his country of origin I don't know, he is probably Swedish or American, let's just say that he hailed from this place:

He told me that this movie could be found on youtube and gave me a link. I was smiling so much that I almost had a stroke. Now I never watch movies this way. Youtube? Fuck no! BUT this movie had to be seen, and there wasn't really any other way because of the rareness of the tape. This started a journey that would make a new man! I am still your beloved Bearded Movie Aficionado - does that mean that I'll post more often? Probably not, but it made me even more man! My beard grew a little thicker and my voice got deeper and darker. Oh yes. It's true.

I went and grabbed a beer (Danish beer) before I began watching the movie. I was smiling like crazy. This was just unbelievable! How could I not have seen this? German Shepherds as wolfs, a Ku Klux Klan Devil with a southern accent, a crazy wolf woman who wears a stuffed animal of an German Shepherd puppy that's suppose to be a dead wolf on her head, gore, violence, martial arts, comedy and fantasy and more gore! This is overload for my brain. I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!

After 5 more beers down the hatch and 3-4 cigarettes to fill my lungs with deadly smoke, I was the happiest I have been in a long time! I couldn't believe it! It was ... it was... unbelievable. So I wish to thank Jack J and Paul for giving me the opportunity to watch this crazy out of this world worldweirdcinema flick! It was amazing.

The version I saw was probably the VCD copy, according to Jack J. What he got was the SUBTITLED Hong Kong PAL VHS. So I am very jealous, as this is not available on DVD, and the tape is very rare. Which it should be - Mondo Macabro ... I'm looking at you!

I'll leave the last word to Jack J, who described this movie best:

"No-holds-barred over-the-top wild & crazy batshit cinema"


Jack J said...

Hehe, happy to have opned your life to something new!

I don't know how Paul would feel about being labeled "Swedish" but he's actually in the UK. :-)

Paul Cooke aka Buckaroobanzai said...

Hey Patrick, a real pleasure to have been part of Team Wolf Devil Woman in disguise. Hey maybe Cliff Richard should cut that as a record !?.
What else can we hook you up with good fellow :) .
Thanks for the Ballistic Blood Bullets pitch, I appreciate it. This apparent Swedish/American/Brit ;) needs all the reading love he can get just like you groovy guys.
Looking forward to hanging around these parts again. Great write up Patrick, I'm smiling as I type just reliving the events :) . Paul

Patrick B said...

Sorry, Paul. Almost every movie aficionado I know is either American or Swedish. Hehe :)

Thank you very much for the kind words, it's appreciated :)

Patrick B said...

Hey, you said something there, Paul. Team Wolf Devil Woman. Kinda sounds like a phino war movie, hehe, but it would also be the radest fanclub ever! Hehe :P

Jack J said...

Hey bartender, lemme have a 'zombie'... no wait, I think I'll have a 'wolf devil woman' tonight.


Paul Cooke aka Buckaroobanzai said...

That's not a bar tender, that's Fatty Kock from Wolf Devil Woman 2 I'll have you know ! ;) .
Patrick, what other 'Pino, Jungle Actioners you looking out for ?.

Patrick B said...

I try and buy most of the Pino war movies I find interesting. So far I've got about 4-5 I think. Which isn't much, but many of them went for sick prices, so I can't buy those kinds of movies all the time. But I can't think of anyone in perticular which I'm looking for. Whatever appears on Ebay. Hehe. Just check out my older post on a little VHS war movie craze I had a few months ago :)