Friday, April 10, 2009

My savior!

As you may know I use DVDProfiler to register my DVD's, and for a couple of months I didn't register because I got sick of typing in all the numbers - But after some time I had to register again, but that left about 400 DVD's that didn't get registered, but now it can be done very easily with the help of my new Symbol LS4008i:

This is a Barcode scanner with a USB cable, which is compatible with most new computers with Windows. I got the black one. I don't order so many DVD's that I need this, but it will make the DVD registration easier, faster and more fun and I can also register the DVD's I didn't register a couple of months ago.

The reason why I register is not to be a show off, but so I can keep track of all the movies I buy. Of course I also keep them in the shelves, so I can just take a peek at them whenever I want, but I also like keeping a register on the computer.

This should be compatible with DVDProfiler, but I don't know about other DVD registration software.


Jack J said...

I predict that soon every person in Norway will have a bar-code on their neck so the state can control you!

Patrick B said...

HEY! Not nice, danish.

The state can never control me. .. Or they actually do it now because I'm out of work. But I get some of my monthly income because im slick.

Jack J said...

You certainly are. LOL.

Fred said...

My saviour was a Gryphon D100, an old one I got for free at my work (I work at an archiving company). So I could finish adding my movies to DVD Aficinado in just one weekend! :)

Patrick B said...

Hey Fred.

Yeah, It's great having a barcode scanner. DVD registration is so much faster now!

The only bad thing about it is that I scan everything in the house when I'm really really bored. Today I scanned all my beer bottles! Hehe

Jack J said...

You have like 700 un-watched video tapes from Greece and you scan beer bottles??? Haha.

Patrick B said...

Haha. My ex rental collection ain't that huge, Jack. But yes, I do have a lot of un-watched VHS tapes. I haven't even seen Rambu yet :O

But I also have a lot of un-watched DVD's.

But the reason why I haven't seen many of them lately is because I don't have them here right now. If I'd have them here, I would watch them!

All the scanned beer is in my belly now, so I didn't just scan them, as you can see with my recent posts at AVMANIACS.