Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cinema Wasteland

If you didn't have the possibility to attend the Cinema Wasteland Convention in Cleveland, OH, and meet Christina Lindberg, which most of us couldn't - You now have the possibility to experience it in some degree - are selling 50 signed editions of Synapse Films release of Exposed. Most of my readers are Scandinavian, so this goes out to you guys, except the Swedes, because you can just go on a mushroom picking trip in the Swedish forests and meet Christina (Christinas svampskola):

Hurry up before they're all gone. There are still some In Stock, but I don’t know how many.

Click on picture for full size!


Fred said...

I'm proud to say that I own an original vhs-tape of Christinas Mushroom-school - signed by Christina herself :)

Patrick B said...

Haha. Nice!

How is it? I really want to see it.

That's a very nice collectors item to have.

Where did you get it signed? In the Swedish forests on a mushroom picking trip? ;)

Fred said...

It's just a standard mushroom-video :) Which mushrooms are good, which are bad. Where to find them and so on. It's Christina, so of course it's worth watching.

I wrote to her some years ago, before she got really, really hip and asked if she had a copy for sale - and she had. So she signed it for me to :)

Patrick B said...

Yeah, Don from Synapse Films spent the whole Cinema Wasteland weekend with her, and apparently she had a bunch of tapes, and forgot to bring them. Would have been cool to get a copy.

Fred said...

Send her an email. She probably can be reached through her magazine, Flygrevyn. Her email is here: :)

Patrick B said...

I sure will!

Thanks, Fred! :)