Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday I revisited a genre I truly enjoy, but haven't seen in quite a while, Poliziotteschi, or Italian crime films.

These movies, which became a hit in the 60's and 70's, but faded later because of Italian Horror and another crime genre Giallo, is amazing. If you want more rogue cops, more stylish action, more vigilantism, more car chases and more curroption and heist then any other american action movie, this is the genre for you. Oh, did I forget the music? Well, the soundtrack to most Italian crime movies are fast, funky and fresh.

Italian Crime always give me the feeling of Horror and Exploitation, they truly are action movies, but they are gritty, violent and gory. So the feeling of Exploitation, which is a sub genre in the horror genre, is so true in these movies. With movies such as Rabid Dogs.

Let's get to the movie I watched. Yesterday I felt like watching something ''new''. In the past months, I've only seen Asian movies, for the most of the time. And you can get asian crime or action movies as well, of course, which also is very stylish, but they are not as gritty or ultra violent as Italian crime. So I wanted to watch something Italian again, so I popped The Big Racket in my DVD player and guess what? I'm Back, baby!

I have no Idea why my Italian crime movies have been laying around for so long! This was kind of nostalgic for me. Since Italian Horror and Italian Crime are the genres that made me the Bearded Movie Aficionado I am today!

Not every post is going to be about stuff I buy, but I just had to get this after my viewing last night:

The Big Racket Turkish 1 Sheet

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