Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Censorship and ignorante people

I read an article today in the Norwegian paper DAGBLADET, and in this article the journalist talked about the moral decay of society, based on SAW being such a hit, 2 girls 1 cup and Salo (120 Days of Sodom).

The phrase ''Tortureporn'' is used among journalists when it comes to these movies, and they love using this term when they get the chance, to punch down movies they are no quite fond of. Then don't watch the fucking movies!

And when you compare a horror movie, not a good or really a brutal one for that matter, to a pornclip of two girls eating feces, you have to stop and think what this guy is talking about? Okey, they eat feces in Salo. But Salo is a political movie. And Salo is not as bad as it sounds. It's not as graphical as you would expect, based on the feces eating, rape and torture, it's not so bad compared to other Exploitation movies or sexploitation.

And I love this particular statement made by the journalist:

''References to the war, if anything shows that ideologies can do blind. Neither the prostitutes or women who perform the deed of the facism show any signs of remorse or understanding for youth pain. They never justify why they do that they do''

Of course they don't! It's a movie! And it's suppose to show the real pain when Facism ruled Italy. He needs to read a history book and understand that this is somewhat fiction. It's based on true events through a horrible time, but it's also just a movie. We need these movies to remember. It's not suppose to entertain you with feces eating, or suppose to be some kind of porn movie. It's suppose to show how humans can act against one and other. And of course, it's shocking, but why shouldn't it be? It's what happened.

And to conclude that our society is on the edge of moral decay based on a horror movie being a hit at the cinema, is poorly knowledge of the human history. What about Witch burning, gladiator fights, and all the horrible things that has occured during our time on this planet?

And a few weeks ago, Takashi Miike's Ichi The Killer was pulled back from distrubution through VME. The film has been considered to be too violent to be used for entertainment purposes. But it was only a small majority of Complaintboard for film and videogram. Three against two votes were enough to make the decision

Penalty Act Section 382 makes it clear that: "With fines or imprisonment up to 6 months or with both punished the claiming or publishing for sale or rent, or otherwise seek to expand film, videogram or similar where for entertainment purposes is made improper the use of serious violence cases. "

So Takashi Miike's classic film had a short run here in Norway. Even though Another World Entertainment are releasing fine selections of previously banned movies here in Norway.

Thank god for the internet and good dvd companies releasing fine and rare horror, exploitation and other fun and weird movies.

The ''article'', can be found here:


Jack J said...

It becomes even more grotesque when you learn that the stores in Norway can freely import AWE's Danish dvd of ICHI THE KILLER as it has Norwegian subtitles, haha.

AWE's MURDER SET PIECES was banned in Norway too by the way.

Patrick B said...

Haha. I love my country. I know. Would have been good to get a cheaper but just as good version of the uncut edition.